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The Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV) provides a unique space of collaboration for leaders and practitioners in values-based banking to learn from each other, deliver targeted initiatives and advocate effectively for social and sustainable banking practices worldwide.

Who are our members?

Becoming a member

Member Benefits

Mutual collaboration allows our members to accelerate economic transformation and increase their impact, helping to build profitable banks that serve people and the environment.

Benefits include:


Learn and share knowledge with frontrunners in sustainable banking and microfinance.


Nurture the future leaders in values-based banking through events, topical webinars and learning programmes.


Find inspiration and peer support to develop innovative products and service.



Access to peer experts through our Communities of Practice and Regional Chapters.


Connect with values-based banks’ leaders through in person meetings and our online community space.

Financial support

Access to financial capital and investment opportunities.


Gain credibility

Join other banks with the highest standards in sustainability.

Thought leadership

Lead the conversation on sustainable and inclusive finance and advocate with us.

Impact progress

Use the GABV Scorecard to measure and improve your sustainability.


We invite CEOs, experts and co-workers from our member banks to discuss new ideas and share projects with their peers through global and regional meetings and our Communities of Practice (CoP).

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Governing Board Forum (GBF)

The GBF identifies opportunities for Chairs and other Governing Board members to share information on best practices related to strengthening governance practices.

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Regional Chapters

CEOs are the backbone of the network. The GABV provides a forum for these leaders committed to values-based banking to discuss specific issues facing common challenges and goals.

Group 12

CEO Forum

CEOs are the backbone of the network. The GABV provides a forum for these leaders committed to values-based banking to discuss specific issues facing common challenges and goals.

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Communities of Practice

Our Communities of Practice (CoP) in Metrics, Human Development, Marcomms and Strategy harness the knowledge of experts and develop unique opportunities for collaboration.

from GABV

Through networking with like-minded leaders and frontrunners, the GABV has benefited through our regional and annual meetings and working groups by sharing best practices, and exchanging stories and thought leadership. Here are some examples.


How to join

To join our network, banks are evaluated against a comprehensive set of criteria. While members may not meet all criteria, we expect – and monitor – progress over time. Basic requirements include:

  • Values-based mission 
  • Being a regulated bank or credit union
  • Commitment at CEO level
  • Minimum of USD 50 million in total assets


The business model is consistent with the Principles of Values-based Banking.

It is a financial institution regulated by an authority established under the government of its primary geography.

It makes loans, accepts deposits, and processes cash payments for clients. A minimum balance sheet of USD 50 million.

The governance is stable, ensuring ongoing ability to be committed to a values-based business model.

There is a minimum level of transparency reflected in the bank’s reporting practices. Annual Reports should be publicly available.

The senior management and governing boards, especially the CEO, have strong commitment to maintaining or expanding values-based banking and participate in GABV activities.

The financial model (earnings, capital, risk management, etc.) is sustainable over the long term, resilient to crisis and allows to respond to business challenges and opportunities.

There is a clear commitment to growing the impact of its activities over time, directly or indirectly.

Our Partners

Thanks to our Supporting & Ecosystem Partners, we can increase the positive impact of the Banking on Values movement across the world. They are like-minded, mission-driven organisations that promote a sustainable economy and social inclusion.

Do you want to partner with us?