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Fiare Banca Etica creates a community for the youth


28 November 2023

Banca Etica started the “Youth X Fiare Banca Etica” community to encourage active participation of its members, especially the youth. In recent years, the group has shown a growth in members and a consolidation of the internal structure, promoting activism initiatives dedicated to spreading knowledge of ethical finance and the social economy.

Ethical finance is necessary for the future of a sustainable economy and society model, states Banca Etica (Italy and Spain). Young people are the future of society, and young members of Banca Etica’s cooperative are the future of the bank.

This is why Fiare Banca Etica, the Spanish branch of the Banca Etica group, has always bet on them, and this is why the “Youth X Fiare Banca Etica” community was born, which encourages the active participation of members – young people and others – through various activities, as evidenced by the video below on the key words and concepts of the community. The impetus and ideas that support and renew us come from young people.

Youth X FiareBE is a project that became a reality in December 2019, when the first Meeting of Solidarity Economy Young Leaders took place. Organised by the Escuela de Economía Social (Social Economy School), 15 young people from Fiare Banca Etica participated.

Youth X FiareBE has thus become part of a network of young people from 18 countries interested in social transformation. Some of them then went to Honduras and Ecuador to meet the entities financed by Banca Etica through local microfinance institutions. From that first meeting in 2019 to now, several meeting opportunities for the Youth X FiareBE (the most recent in Granada, Spain, in April 2023) have become a discussion and promotion laboratory.

In recent years, the group has grown in members and consolidated its internal structure, promoting activism initiatives that spread knowledge of ethical finance and the social economy. Currently, the group includes 70 people with a Spanish majority – there are 4 Italian members – but the idea is to create a transversal Italy-Spain group.

Nazzareno Gabrielli, general director of Fiare Banca Etica and Banca Etica says “The only possibility that the planet has to evolve towards a system that is fairer for people and sustainable for the environment is to change the current model of economy and finance, and young people constitute an essential force and crucial for this to happen in the direction of ethical values. We, as Fiare Banca Etica and as Banca Etica, can therefore only invest many of our projects in them”. 

The birth of Youth X Fiare is a logical step due to the demand for transformation and participation from young people in many countries worldwide, including Spain. This question is answered in the Fiare Banca Etica project and in becoming members. The objective of this community is to organize and fuel this demand to raise awareness of the values of alternative finance and thus multiply the contamination capacity of the dominant system.

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