SAC Apoyo Integral specializes in microfinance, and is socially committed to the sustainable development of its customers through quality financial products and services.

Short History

The origins of SAC Apoyo Integral are found in the credit program started by a non profit organization named FUSAI (Salvadoran Foundation for Integral Support). This program evolved favorably amongst excluded sectors of the local economy and eventually became the first Savings and Credit Society authorized by the SSF (El Salvador´s Financial System´s Superintendent). After ten years in the market, Integral is recognized as the fastest growing microfinance Institution in Central America.

Integral offers financial services through 25 branches located over all the territory of El Salvador. It serves more than 42,000 clients and has a loan portfolio of more than $75 million; it provides businesses growth opportunities and focuses on improving its client’s quality of life, through initiatives such as free financial and environmental education, building technical assistance for home improvement loans; and other benefits such as micro health and life insurance.


The main shareholders of the company (as at August 2011) is:

Shareholder Share in %
Apoyo Integral Investment El Salvador, S. A. C. V. 36.00%
Apoyo Integral Investment Panama, S. A. 28.85%
ACP Group 20.00%
Foundation Dueñas Herrera 15.04%
Other individual shareholders 0.11%

Board of Management

Luis Antonio Castillo (Chairman)
Bernhard J. Eikenberg (Vice Chairman)
Juan Pablo Meza (General Manager)

Market focus, products and services

Integral offers personalized service through specialized loan service officers who know and understand the needs of their clients, coaching them towards achieving more efficient business management.

Integral continues to improve customer service, with innovative products and services through a network of more than 200 payment points located in different spots covering the whole country.

As part of ‘social inclusion and massive innovative prototypes,’ Integral is sharing its experience in UNIDO, FIODM, United Nations network: the goal is the knowledge in model and methodology management of home improvement loans + free Technical building assistance + discounts in construction materials.

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