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2016 Annual Report Launches

A Note from Dr Marcos Eguiguren, Executive Director

We have finished 2016 with much growth in the size of our network, both in the number of members and supporting partners. Thirty-nine GABV Member Banks and four Supporting Partners are now forming this movement of systemic change makers. Yet, the GABV is not only growing but also, step-by-step, attracting the attention of many others: multilateral and other financial institutions, regulators, media and the public in general.

We have also worked in many other areas, setting the first cornerstones of the GABV2020 strategy and making progress in programmes and initiatives. We have made changes at the Secretariat, which is now restructured to better face the challenges ahead and deliver more and better services to members.

A great Annual Meeting in Amsterdam, hosted by Triodos Bank, another successful international #BankingOnValues day and the graduation of the first GABV Leadership Academy generation, are amongst many achievements this past year. It was especially gratifying to see the growing ambition and willingness to coordinate actions during 2016 by the different Regional Chapters (Europe, Latin America and North America).

We will keep on growing in 2017, adding more diversity to our membership, because growth is not a whim. If we really want to achieve our purpose and contribute to a positive change in the world of finance, we must expand the voice and strength of our movement. We have to work on identifying banks around the world that are also banking on values or who are very close to us and welcome them to our Global Alliance.

The values-based banking discussion should revolve both around what we should do to face the challenges coming from outside our banks (through regulation or by fintech disruptors, for example), but also on reinforcing our core role as bankers who are devoted to changing the economy and the communities we serve in a positive way. In 2017 we will keep working in the areas in which we can better align our efforts to achieve our collective purpose while creating value for each individual member.

We came so far in the past year, achieving some great successes and milestones. I am thankful to each one of you for your contribution, support and dedicated work in advancing banking on values.

Let’s change finance to finance change!


2016 Annual Report





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