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Upendra Poudyal, elected as President for Management Association of Nepal


10 June 2022

Upendra Poudyal, Regional Representative for the Asia Pacific region at the Global Alliance for Banking on Values, was elected as the President of the Management Association of Nepal (MAN).  

“My election as the President of the Management Association of Nepal has provided me a credible platform for me to contribute further chiefly in terms of enhancing management and leadership capabilities in the country. “ says Poudyal, on his appointment as President of MAN.  

Upendra Poudyal, Regional Representative for Asia-Pacific
Upendra Poudyal, President of MAN

MAN is a national non-profit and non-partisan membership-based professional organization. As such, it is established as an important forum for developing management professionalism and a performance-oriented as well as socially responsible work culture in the country. It has a strong membership base of over 2,500 individuals and 250 institutions from different disciplines and sectors of the Nepalese economy and society.  

During the years, MAN has been led by prominent persons with proven track records in management and leadership. The organization has emerged as a prominent centre for the promotion of productive, competitive and socially responsible management culture that will help management professionals and organizations grow and prosper. 

Poudyal was also conferred with the Prabal Janasewa Shree Medal by Rt. Honourable President of Nepal. Prabal Janasewa Shree is one of the highest civilian awards in Nepal. It is awarded to personalities from different walks of life in recognition of their contributions to the country. Poudyal has spent more than three decades in the financial sector in Nepal. He is an active advocate of Values based banking and sustainable finance in the region. The award to Upendra is in recognition of his contribution to the financial sector.  

“Now with the Medal being conferred to me for my contribution in the financial sector, I feel humbled and recognised for my sincerity and dedication in the financial sector. I also feel my responsibilities have been added with the award.” explains Poudyal, on receiving the Prabal Janasewa Shree Medal. 

Upendra Poudyal’s Biography: 

Upendra Poudyal represents the GABV for the Asia-Pacific region and is the first contact person for the member CEOs in the region. He has three decades of banking experience including in Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Limited, mostly Corporate Banking, for 14 years. He led NMB Bank Limited (NMB), the only member of GABV in Nepal, for 17 years as its Chief Executive Officer before he retired in March 2017. He currently is a Chairman of the Board of Nabil Bank Limited, in Nepal. 

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