BancoSol is a bank that offers opportunities to the lowest-income sectors for a better future, providing them with high-quality integrated financial services.


On November 1986, Bolivian an international investors together created the Fundation for the promotion and development of micro enterprises (Fundación  para Promoción y el Desarrollo de la Microempresa, as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO).

The most promising alternative and most viable instrument to get the organisation’s objectives, and overcome the legal and financial structure limitations of an NGO, was the foundation, in late 1991 of a commercial bank, called Banco Solidario S.A., specialized in microfinance.

After twenty two years in business, BancoSol has disbursed more than USD 4,618  millions for more than 2 million micro enterprise projects. Currently, the Bank has more than 240,000 clients who account for a total loan portfolio of over USD 982 million. In addition, BancoSol possess deposits of almost USD 796 million from more than 656,000 clients The Bank is present in nine major cities in Bolivia (La Paz, Cochabamba, Santa Cruz, Sucre, Tarija, Potosí, Oruro, Trinidad y Cobija, including the city of El Alto) through a network of 424 service points between branches, ATM’s and “Puntos Sol Amigo” (external cashiers in local business as small stores, drugstores, etc).

Management Board

  • Kurt Koenigsfest (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Esteban Andrés Altschul (Board Director)

Market Focus, Products and Services

Entrepreneurs with a small capital base but with dynamic adjustment capabilities are BancoSol’s core clientele. Women play an important role in terms of the numbers and amounts of outstanding loans; they account for 46% of BancoSol’s clients and 42% of the loan portfolio. Most of BancoSol’s clients are young, between 25 and 45 years old, with low levels of formal education.

BancoSol clients operate in the informal economy, which contributes more than 20% of GDP and generates employment for over 65% of the employed population.

In three of the country’s biggest cities, the micro entrepreneurial sector grows at 5% per year. There are approximately 800,000 micro enterprises, largely urban, that form part of this informal economy, generating over 1.7 million jobs for the economically active population.

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