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Stories from GABV
Bank Muamalat: iTEKAD Mawaddah – Serving the Underserved
Bank Muamalat Malaysia Berhad (BMMB) introduced the iTEKAD Mawaddah initiative to assist and guide underserved groups to retain jobs, generate employment and alleviate financial [...]
Stories from GABV
ACBA Bank: A Leading Financial Institution in Armenia
Thanks to providing numerous innovative banking services, ACBA Bank fosters the stable development of the Armenian economy and society. ACBA was founded during a [...]
Stories from GABV
First MicroFinanceBank Afghanistan: Developing a Housing Microfinance Product
The First MicroFinanceBank Afghanistan (FMFB-A) has been the first microfinance institution in Afghanistan to offer a housing microfinance (HMF) product. FMFB-A has made significant [...]
Stories from GABV
Environmental Lending and Banking Services at Beneficial State Bank
By Jae Easterbrooks, Vice President and Earth Services Team Leader, and Brian Wagner, Vice President, Risk Team Leader, and Earth Services Team Member Banking [...]
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Stories from GABV
Decorah Bank: Paving the way in solar energy financing
Greenpenny is a virtual and carbon-neutral bank with a mission to finance a sustainable tomorrow. Its parent company is GABV member and northeast Iowa’s,  [...]
Stories from GABV
VSECU’s energy savings provide individuals with basics needed to live better lives
VSECU’s mission is to improve the quality of life for all Vermonters, and to achieve this, it strives to bring people together to empower [...]
We celebrate diversity!
As Pride Month draws to a close, we join voices around the world to celebrate diversity, champion human rights and call for an end [...]
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SDB bank focuses on the real economy to face the crisis in Sri Lanka
By Jesica Cooray, Communications Support Officer at the Global Alliance for Banking on Values Sri Lanka faces one of the worst economic crises seen [...]
Stories from GABV
Wind of Change: Litzendorf-Hohenellern Citizen Wind Farm
Bank UmweltBank Client Bürgerwindpark Hohenellern Verwaltungs GmbH Location Litzendorf-Hohenellern, Germany One of the biggest issues of our time is the sustainable generation of energy to produce electricity [...]
Stories from GABV
Where love is found in every piece of wood
Bank 3 Bank Client Gorjana Ponjevic Ballani Location Novi Sad, Serbia Gorjana Ponjević Ballani is an unusual woman on at least two grounds. First, she is an exceptional [...]