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NMB Bank: Women’s empowerment in leadership roles


26 October 2023

NMB Bank in Nepal has launched “EmpowerHER”, a new programme aimed at developing women’s leadership skills. The programme is designed to empower women to take on leadership roles within the bank and beyond. The initiative is part of NMB Bank’s commitment to promoting gender equality and diversity in the workplace. 

In the ever-evolving landscape of banking and finance, leadership development has become a cornerstone of success. NMB Bank launched “EmpowerHER” with a dedicated focus on ensuring a brighter future for its female employees.

With 51.04% of women accounting for the total population of the country, the bank believes empowering women to succeed as entrepreneurs and leaders will craft the makings of a truly sustainable Nepal. The programme aims to nurture current and future female leaders equipped with real-world best-practice leadership skills. By boosting confidence and fostering well-rounded leadership qualities, EmpowerHER actively encourages women to step forward and embrace leadership responsibilities, equipping them to tackle the challenges of leadership roles head-on.

Sunil K.C., CEO of NMB Bank:

“At NMB Bank, we firmly believe in the power of diversity and inclusion. In this light, we have set an ambitious goal to achieve a 50% female employees’ ratio by 2027. This aspiration is not only to promote gender equality but also to strengthen our ability of tapping into diverse perspectives, driving innovation and achieving a holistic growth.”  

Shift in leadership dynamics

The #EmpowerHer Women’s Leadership Development Programme has resulted in an evident shift in the leadership dynamics and workplace culture of the bank. Specialised training is being provided to a select group of female employees, which has improved female leadership. As a result, a leadership team that is more inclusive and varied is emerging. This initiative has positively impacted the overall work environment and productivity.

NMB Bank hopes to improve decision-making, create a more inclusive and equitable work environment, increase its competitive edge in the market, and eventually affect positive change in the banking ecosystem by investing in the leadership development of women.

As part of this bold strategic focus on gender equality and women empowerment in the workplace, NMB Bank has announced woman-led and women-only branches in all seven provinces of Nepal.

Experiences from participants

#EmpowerHer was launched to address gender imbalances in leadership positions within the banking sector and advance gender diversity. The bank intended to foster the growth of its female employees by providing mentorship and organised training as they recognised their potential.

Watch the video or read below what participants have to say:

Prakriti Bhattarai: In the banking history of Nepal, such programme has been introduced for the first time. It is helping me enhance my leadership quality and motivate me to do better everyday. As NMB Bank has aimed to maintain the ratio of 50% women and 50% men in the workforce by 2027. The programme acts a bridge to accomplish the vision.”

Nirmala Bam: “After enrolling in the programe, in the near future I see myself confidently contributing to my personal and company’s growth.”

Smriti Lamichhane: “I am a person who tends to take all the responsibilities and complete every task on my own. One important insight I have taken from the programme is learning to ‘Let It Go’. As a woman, it is important to prioritise things and set realistic goals. In the banking industry, very less women are in a leadership position. After a certain point of time, they quit the job and focus on raising the family. I now believe that the women of this generation should continue working as it helps them to become financially independent and excel in their career.”

Manisha Basnet: “I have been inspired by various experiences and knowledge shared by my fellow participants which has helped me excel my performance. The programme has also enabled me take up new challenges with ease.”

Subrisha Kayastha: “Back in the day, I had an understanding that my roles were limited to the 9-5 routine which was very monotonous. The programme has made us realise that we can only do better if we start prioritising ourselves by investing more time for personal growth and self-grooming.”

Prerana Shrestha: “When I joined the bank 10 years back, I was amazed to see a lady Operation In-Charge taking care of the whole branch. Now as we have joined the WLP, the program has enabled us to understand the dynamics of our role by providing insights on credit knowledge, how to stay stress free and how to stay motivated.”

Sabita Dahal: “Through this programme, the participants have been trained on various leadership development skills by providing a learning environment. I believe the programme will bring equality in the existing leadership roles inside the organisation. I am confident that it will be a milestone for women empowerment in the banking industry of Nepal.” 

NMB Bank was awarded “Bank of the Year Asia 2021” by The Banker Magazine, a publication of The Financial Times Group, and has been awarded “Bank of the Year Nepal” in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2021.

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