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Triodos Bank nature's based investments
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Triodos Bank UK: Support for nature-based investment projects
Triodos Bank has been pioneering investment in the natural environment to find further ways of financing nature preservation and restoration. In the UK, the [...]
Bank Australia employees participate in ‘walk for Yes’, a demonstration
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Bank Australia supports reconciliation for First Nations people through the Voice to Parliament referendum
Bank Australia supports Australians for Indigenous Constitutional Recognition (AICR), a non-partisan organisation that led the Yes campaign. The donation to AICR came from the [...]
CrediMejoras Banco Ademi
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Banco Ademi: Mejoramiento de vivienda y negocios en República Dominicana
Dentro de su programa de mejoramiento de vivienda en República Dominicana, Banco Ademi celebra en 2023 la décima edición de su feria CrediMejoras ofrece financiamiento [...]
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Banfondesa: Generación de energía renovable para personas de bajos recursos en República Dominicana
Banfondesa, en República Dominicana, ofrece un programa de finanzas verdes inclusivas orientado a fomentar el acceso a energías sostenibles mediante el crédito, disminuir la [...]
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vdk bank creates first ever three-sided coin
vdk bank invented a unique, triple-sided collector’s coin with approval of the National Bank of Belgium and the European Central Bank. The three sides [...]
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NMB Bank: Women’s empowerment in leadership roles
NMB Bank in Nepal has launched “EmpowerHER”, a new programme aimed at developing women’s leadership skills. The programme is designed to empower women to [...]
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Banco Mundo Mujer: Fomentando la sostenibilidad del sector agropecuario en Colombia
El Crédito Agropecuario Biosostenible de Banco Mundo Mujer nace con el propósito de financiar las actividades agropecuarias que incentivan la conservación del medio ambiente [...]
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GLS Bank: Introduces “True Name” feature for credit cards
GLS Bank has become the first German bank to introduce Mastercard’s “True Name” feature, which allows transgender people and people with non-binary identities to [...]
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Summit Credit Union: Equal pay between women and men
 Summit Credit Union, in Madison, Wisconsin, USA, has launched its Equity in Money initiative, which aims to improve the financial wellbeing of women and [...]
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Freie Gemeinschaftsbank: Allows customers to decide their own fees
 Freie Gemeinschaftsbank in Basle is the first bank in Switzerland to apply the principle “pay what you want” for banking charges: customers can choose [...]
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Beneficial State Bank: Helping immigrants get access to credit
 When immigrants lack a US Social Security number and US credit history, it can be difficult for them to access much-needed loans and credit [...]
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Sunrise Banks: Home ownership opportunities for immigrants
Homeownership is one of the most effective ways to create generational wealth and avoid exclusion. Sunrise Banks has developed a mortgage programme that allows immigrants [...]