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Why Join the GABV?

  • Lead a positive, viable alternative to current banking system;
  • Change finance to finance change;
  • Advocate with global stakeholders;
  • Exchange knowledge and expertise on critical topics and issues;
  • Network with global and regional values-based banking leaders;
  • Create a diverse banking ecosystem with national, regional and international business development opportunities;
  • Develop the next generation of emerging leaders;
  • Innovate products and services, including financial vehicles; and
  • Serve the real econom

What CEOs Have To Say…


Member Updates 2016

In July 2016, we welcomed eight new members to the Alliance. Back in January we also welcomed Banco Ademi from the Dominican Republic.

Member Updates: A Year In Review

In June 2015, the GABV welcomed three new members. City First Bank of DC (USA) focuses on supporting and strengthening underserved communities through the provision of high-quality banking and other services in Washington, DC and its suburban jurisdictions, as well as the Mid-Atlanta region of the USA. Ekobanken (Sweden) focuses on being a transparent Swedish bank for those who want to take responsibility for the influence of their money in society, how money is invested, and the origin of money that is lent. Southern Bancorp (USA) focuses on creating economic opportunity in rural America through increased access to capital as well as responsible and responsive financial services that empower individuals, families and communities.

In late 2015 the GABV also confirmed that a fourth new member would join in January 2016. Banco Ademi is the first Caribbean member of the GABV. Unlike mainstream banks, Banco Ademi has a values-driven agenda at the core of its mission and is committed to the economic and social development of the Dominican Republic with special attention to micro (small and medium sized) businesses. Guillermo Rondón, CEO of Banco Ademi, expressed his delight at becoming part of the GABV network: ‘We are very pleased to join the GABV. From the beginning until now, Banco Ademi’s activities are based on the values of ethics and social responsibility. Banco Ademi is always aware of our economic and social commitment, and the role we play within our country.’

Nepalese member Clean Energy Development Bank (CEDB) merged with four entities and began to operate as NMB Bank.

The Alliance bid farewell to Mibanco (Peru) due to an organisational and operational merger. The exit was based on mutual agreement and the GABV looks forward to working with Mibanco and like-minded organisations in the region in the near future.

The GABV and its membership continue to benefit from the critical inputs and engagement from FMO (the Dutch Entrepreneurial Development Bank), our key Supporting Partner.

New members are announced quarterly. Meet our members and read their stories of economic, social and environmental impact.


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