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Triodos Bank and GLS Group work together in the investment field


1 August 2021

Two founding members of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values, Triodos Bank and GLS Bank, have recently strengthened their relationship. In June 2021, Triodos Bank Spain launched its Impact Investment Funds Platform, which includes a number of investment funds of GLS Bank (besides investment funds of Triodos Investment Management and Mirova). Through this collaboration, GLS Bank and Triodos Bank join forces to achieve a common goal: promoting an inclusive, fair and sustainable economic regeneration that contributes to the transition towards a sustainable society and thereby generate environmental, social and economic benefits at the same time.

Mikel García-Prieto, Managing Director at Triodos Bank Spain: “If we want a truly sustainable future and a resilient economy, we must work to promote collaboration between financial institutions that share a common vision of an inclusive society and a robust economy. The launch of the Impact Investment Funds Platform at Triodos Bank Spain is an example of collaboration through which we achieve greater impact in the use of money as a means of social transformation. We are convinced that offering our customers the opportunity to contribute to the transformative power of money through their investment will significantly increase the impact we already achieve through our financial activity in sectors of the real economy. This is a demand from our customers, who are aware of the need to accelerate change and to have a bank with proven expertise in ethical and sustainable banking that enables them to make investments in line with their values”.

The cooperation between Triodos Bank and GLS Bank provides the possibility of putting resources together and finding synergies in order to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness in reaching shared objectives. As members of the GABV, linked to the business objectives of both banks is also the fundamental common goal of changing the way finance is conducted. The collaboration between the two GABV members to achieve this common goal acquires special significance, as it corresponds to Goal 17 of the Sustainable Development Goals: Partnerships for the goals.

Karsten Kührlings, Managing Director at GLS Investment Management: “At GLS Group, we are very happy to cooperate with Triodos Bank. This collaboration helps all of us to further develop and expand our activities, which enables us on the one hand to offer more people the opportunity to be part of the social transformation towards sustainability and to get involved in this change, and on the other hand, to have a greater positive social, environmental and economic impact by channeling money in a conscious and responsible way to businesses and projects that promote the development of all those elements that are fundamental for people’s dignity and prosperity. We are convinced that cooperation is essential to carry out this transformation and to face the current challenges”.

This cooperation is a good example of how GABV Members can foster change by supporting each other.

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