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#BankingOnValues Campaign Confirmed for 2015


28 January 2014

We believe in banking with purpose. The GABV is an independent network of banks and banking cooperatives with a shared mission to put people’s needs first and promote a positive, viable alternative to the current financial system. Together we’re leveraging nearly $100 billion in assets to make clients, customers and members great returns by putting money to good in economic, social and environmental impact areas. On 23 October we celebrated the people making this positive movement possible: our co-workers, our partners, and our members, clients, and customers. (I Am) #BankingOnValues was our first internationally coordinated campaign to raise awareness about values-based banking. It was such a success that we are proposing to adopt this campaign again in 2015.

Highlights of October’s campaign include:

  • a high level of GABV member participation (23 out of 25 organizations)
  • activation of our co-worker network of up to 30,000 people
  • ample social media activity around a common conversation hashtag, #BankingOnValues. 7500+ public posts created over 8.8 million impressions
  • leadership from the top (executive participation in the selfie photo initiative)
  • connecting as a network and working together as an alliance (regular calls and communications among over 50 Campaign Coordinators and supporters)
  • media attention surrounding values-based banking and #BankingOnValues in at least six countries (Italy, Peru, El Salvador, Canada, Spain and the Netherlands)
  • the creation of a suite of consistent and on-brand messages and assets (including a new video with over 3,264 views)
  • the acquisition of a new GABV domain (protecting the theme:
  • valuable insights into the importance of language localisation and how it impacts campaign adoption and engagement.

As a key element of the GABV’s Advocacy + Engagement strategy, the 2014 campaign successfully combined online and offline engagement activities to:

  • prompt thought about the relationship among banking, the economy, environment and society.
  • stimulate conversation about a new way of banking, and raise awareness that values-based banking exists, is effective, and ‘you’ can become a client/customer/member.
  • be simple, accessible and visual.

A complete report on the 2014 #BankingOnValues campaign detailing successes, improvements, recommendations and individual reports from member organizations is now available on the Basecamp project management site. GABV Campaign Coordinators have access to this site and the report is also available from Linda Ryan (

In January we will connect with Campaign Coordinators with an update on our proposal to adopt the #BankingOnValues campaign again in October 2015.

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