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#BankingOnValues is a public initiative that calls on all Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV) members, partners, customers, and interested, passionate, policy makers, regulators and public, to get involved in celebrating the growing, global, values-based banking movement.

#BankingOnValues is about creating positive change in the world’s banking system, and driving positive economic, social and environmental impact by influencing how banks and banking cooperatives serve human needs and the real economy.

In 2017, the world is a different place. Global Alliance for Banking on Values, with all its members and partners, believes in building healthy communities through responsible banking. This year, the campaign will focus on promoting the role of human connections to celebrate and invigorate healthy communities. More than other financial institutions, GABV member banks are rooted in community-building. Let’s use the 2017 #BankingOnValues campaign to demonstrate the tangible differences individuals can make by investing in each other.

We invite you to join us on November 2, the date when we will mark the international #BankingOValues Day, and give back to local communities, engage in conversation with co-workers, clients, potential clients, and show why we are different.

Previous Annual International Campaigns

Will you join, share and participate in this growing, global movement? This is a different kind of banking. Let’s talk about it, celebrate it and ask ‘Why isn’t all banking done this way?’


Get Involved

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  • Access the Kit
  • Member or partner? Access a range of #BankingOnValues tools including campaign guides (with editable social media banners and graphics). These tools are available on the request. The link for tools has been distributed to members and partners via the GABV Marketing and Communications Community of Practice. If you want to learn more, please email


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