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Changing finance on a global scale

The Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV) influences the financial sector so that it serves people and the environment through specific actions and agreements. 

One key way we nudge, and sometimes push, the financial system in a more sustainable direction is by playing an active role on bodies that determine the rules that the banking system has to follow, and by actively participating in the development and application of commitments made by the wider banking sector.

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The GABV conducts research and advocacy on selected topics that are relevant to values-based banking and where it can contribute with its rich experience and practical examples.
Our annual research report “Real Economy, Real Returns” looks at the relationship between financial resilience and the values driving banking decisions.

Awareness Raising

#BankingOnValues Day is an international campaign that calls on all GABV members, partners, customers, and interested, passionate, policymakers, regulators and public, to get involved in celebrating the growing, global movement. Past campaigns focused on highlighting the powerful, positive impact by sharing inspiring stories from our members.

Partnerships and Collaboration

In addition to strategic relationships with Supporting Partners, the Global Alliance for Banking on Values collaborates with other large organisations, networks and expert groups to promote a more sustainable financial system. We collaborate where we are convinced genuine, lasting positive change can happen.


Through position papers on global issues and key topics, the GABV contributes to the discussion of the role and responsibility of the financial sector, based on the policies and practices of its member banks. 

Values Regulation Europe (the VALoRE Project) is a high impact research and advocacy initiative to positively influence European regulation on sustainable finance. The initiative is possible with the  support of the Open Society Foundations.
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Awareness Raising

In the spirit of grassroots campaigning and empowering citizens with meaningful information, recent campaigns asked the public to stop, think and ask if their bank share their standards and ethics. And to act by moving to a values-based bank if they don’t. 

#BankingOnValues Day takes place every year in November:

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Partnerships and Collaboration

We also partner on an ad-hoc basis with a number of like-minded organisations committed to building a just transition. They include the WWF, Sustainable Finance Lab, World Benchmarking Alliance and Climate Safe Lending among many others.

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