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The GABV Leadership Academy
Becoming a values-based leader

The GABV Leadership Academy is a transformative learning experience for senior managers in values-based institutions. It is intended to develop leaders who can step into their full potential and deepen their impact in their respective organisations. This programme provides leaders in values-based banks with tools to lead and innovate during periods of disruption and high complexity.

Our learning experience

Partnering with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Co-Lab and Presencing Institute, the GABV Leadership Academy is a 4-month blended online/in-person programme and consists of five modules with individual and group coaching sessions.

The programme ‘Co-creating a Regenerative Future’ facilitates engagement with thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and business leaders who are innovating to achieve triple-bottom-line success. Participants build meaningful connections with like-minded bankers in countries as diverse as Bangladesh, Spain and Canada, and become part of the GABV Alumni network after completing the programme.

Leadership in action

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Video created by the GABV Leadership Academy in 2016

Key objectives

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Learn and practice tools and methods for leading in times of disruption. These are based on state-of-the-art leadership methodologies, including the Theory U concept developed at the MIT Sloan School of Business.

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In a reflective and challenging learning environment, advance your leadership skills and identify your personal leadership intention.

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Through interactions with thought leaders, activists, and business leaders, deepen your understanding of the systemic forces that underpin the current disruptions.

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Acquire and strengthen the leadership capabilities and practices needed to successfully create a positive social and environmental impact.

The Curriculum

The programme follows the method and framework of Theory U, developed by Otto Scharmer at MIT 20 years ago. Theory U is about personal leadership and a different way of thinking. There are individual and peer coaching sessions and invidual work between modules.

Online, 1 half day


Co-Initiation: Seeing Current Reality

Concepts and Tools:

  • Core Concepts of Values-Based Banking
  • Core Leadership Tools: Levels of Listening
In Person, 5.5 days


Co-Presencing: Deep Dive into My Leadership Intention

GABV Annual Meeting:

  • Get to know like-minded peers – meet the amazing people behind the GABV global network
  • Learn from the best and grow your network: dive into the ecosystem of our host bank – meet their clients, their CEO and learn innovative approaches to values-based banking
  • Get to know like-minded peers – meet the amazing people behind the GABV global network and participate in the GABV Annual Meeting
  • Connect with your leadership intention during a 2.5-days retreat in the nature

Concept and Tools

  • Core Leadership Tools: Levels of Dialogue
  • Core Concepts of Change in an Organisation
  • Theory U – a method for awareness based system change
  • Innovations and business models from the global valuesbased banking network

Self Leadership

  • 3D System Mapping
  • Defining the North Star of your Leadership
  • Awaken Sources of Creativity and Generativity by connecting to your Inner Voice
  • Cultivating Mindfulness & Attention
  • Social Presencing Theatre – Embodiment Work
Online, 2 half days


Co-Prototyping: From Intention to Action

Concept and Tools:

  • Identification of Prototypes to deepen the impact of your organisation

Self Leadership

  • Cultivating Mindfulness and Attention
Online, 1 half day


Co-Evolving: Organisational Learning

Concept and Tools:

  • Protoype Bootcamp: Review Protoypes and engange in Peer Learning
Online, 2 half days


Co-Institutionalizing: Grow Innovation and Ecosystems

Concept and Tools:

  • Ecosystem Leadership for Impact
  • Ecosystem Finance
  • From Egosystem to Ecosystem Economics
  • Moving from Experimentation to Institutionalizing

Self Leadership:

  •  Cultivating Mindfulness and Attention

Why join

Listen to why HR experts in our banks recommend the programme
What our participants say
Why participating on the GABV Leadership Academy? Read some testimonials and find it out.

“The GABV Leadership Academy was an eye-opening, mind-blowing experience into leadership, innovation and business transformation. The global scope of the class was fundamental for this experience. I really recommend it for professionals worldwide.”

2018 Participant

“The GABV Leadership Academy represents a REBIRTH to my personal and professional life. The practical tools that are applied and the awareness of the staff was invaluable.”

2020 Participant

“Participating in the GABV Leadership Academy enabled me to experience deep growth as both a person and a leader within my organization. It helped me reconnect to my highest purpose and why I chose to work for a values-based bank. It also gave me a new set of tools and skills to meet the future from a position of strength, not fear.”

2021 Participant

“It was a great opportunity to be part of this international community and meet people from other GABV banks with a different context, but a shared mission and common challenges. I could learn a lot from them and feel their closeness!”

2017 Participant

“The GABV Leadership Academy has radically changed my management style and my attitude towards the staff. I am able to drown my internal voice of scepticism and have become open to new ideas. I have become a different leader.”

2017 Participant

“The course is led by a great team of facilitators that perfectly complement each other and make it a very all-round and fulfilling experience. What makes the course very special is that it guides you on an individual journey but through a shared experience, in which we get to really, actively listen and connect with people and experiences from literally all over the world.”

2020 Participant

“I really appreciated the international exchange and the different views participants from other parts of the world brought into discussions about problems we all encounter.”

2017 Participant

“To be part of the first GABV Leadership Academy was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. A chance for me to grow in my own personal leadership and be more courageous and confident in my role. It also allowed me time for reflection. I learned that a strong leader has to look outward and inward and always bring my authentic self.”

2015 Participant


The Team

The GABV Leadership Academy is supported by a team of experts from Presencing Institute, MIT and the GABV network. In every edition, a number of high-level experts in different fields participate as guest speakers

Sonia Reinhardt

Sr Human Development Programme Advisor
Group 5

Sonia Reinhardt coordinates and co-facilitates the GABV Leadership Academy, where she works with (senior) leaders of values-based banks around the world to explore a joint future in which finance serves people and the planet and not the other way around. She also provides coaching sessions to create an opportunity for the leaders to reflect, grow and move towards their full potential.

Sonia also manages the GABV Alumni network. The group consists of graduates of the Leadership Academy, which has become an active hub of over 200 people.

Sonia further works closely with the HR leaders of the GABV member banks. In this role, Sonia provides a space for HR leaders to come together to share knowledge, discuss challenges, and bounce ideas with like-minded people. She further works on the development of a values-based learning infrastructure for the GABV network.

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Martin Kalungu Banda

Senior levels in business, government and international development
Group 5

Martin Kalungu Banda has worked at senior levels in business, government and international development specializing in leadership and organisation development. He is co-faculty of the Presencing Institute and Visiting Fellow of University of Oxford’s Said Business School. Martin also serves as faculty for the Executive Leadership Programs of the Rand Merchant Bank Leadership and Mastercard. He chairs His Royal Highness Duke of Edinburgh’s Commonwealth Study Conference for Leaders Selection Committee. Previously, Martin served as faculty for HSBC’s flagship Next Generation Leadership Programme and the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership. Martin is the author of the bestseller, Leading Like Madiba: Leadership Lessons from Nelson Mandela (2006).

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Dr Katrin Käufer

Leadership Academy Director
Group 5

Dr. Katrin Kaufer is Director of the Just Money Program at the MIT Community Innovators Lab (CoLab) in Massachusetts I Institute of Technology’s Department of Urban Studies and Planning and Executive Director of the Presencing Institute. Her work includes a research focus on leadership, organisational change, values-based banking as well as on Transformational Literacy research. 

Dr. Kaufer has worked with mid-sized and global companies, non-profit organisations, as well as with international development organisations. Her 2013-book co-authored with Otto Scharmer is titled “Leading from the emerging Future: From Ego-system to Eco-system Economies”. In 2021 she published: “Just Money. Mission-based banking and the future of finance.” (Cambridge: MIT Press, 2021). In 2018, Dr. Kaufer co-created the MITx Just Money Massive Open Online Class on mission-based banking. With colleagues she co-created the GABV Leadership Academy. Dr. Kaufer earned PhD in economics from Witten/Herdecke University in Germany. She has won the Richard Beckhard Memorial Prize for best paper in Sloan School of Management Review.

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Benefits for your organisation

Develop values-oriented leaders

Senior co-workers will step into their full potential and deepen the impact of your organisation through state-of-the-art leadership methodologies in values-based banks.

Organisational Transformation

Equip leaders with the skills, tools and the mindset to actively work on the transformation of your organisation, to innovate and to anchor values at its core.

Network with peers

Gain access to a global network of leading values-based bankers – many of them have been frontrunners in the field of values-based banking for decades.

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Sonia Reinhardt

GABV Leadership Academy Coordinator

    Who should participate?

    The GABV Leadership Academy is for corageous, values-oriented leaders who believe in banking as a force for good. Learn more about the requirements and prerequisites to participate.