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Seeds of Opportunity Amid the Turbulence


4 April 2024

By David Reiling, Chair, Global Alliance for Banking on Values & CEO, Sunrise Banks (USA)

Foreword to the 2023 Annual Report by the Chair of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values 

Against the backdrop of a world marked by profound disruption, 2023 has witnessed an array of challenges, many of which have been regrettably destructive. Ongoing global conflicts, natural disasters intensified by the ever-encroaching effects of climate change, and the rapid march of technological advancements have left no facet of our economy, society, or culture untouched.


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Yet, amid this turbulence, we find seeds of opportunity. This truth holds especially for the Banking on Values movement. Throughout the year, I had the privilege to see our members rise to these challenges with ingenious solutions, bringing about profound positive change for the communities they serve.

The theme of this year’s annual meeting, hosted by Amalgamated Bank in New York on their 100th anniversary, was ‘Banking on a Bolder Future’. This spirit of daring innovation was echoed on Banking on Values Day. Notable examples from our movement include empowering customers to choose their own fees in Switzerland, pioneering renewable energy finance for low-income individuals in the climate vulnerable Dominican Republic, and advocating successfully for gun violence protection in the United States.

“These examples demonstrate the bold leadership of our values-based banking movement in the service of people and the planet.”

In addition to welcoming three new members during the year, I had the pleasure of visiting colleagues at Vision Banco in Paraguay, vdk bank in Belgium, as well as our Scandinavian friends at Merkur, Ekobanken, and Cultura Bank, among many others. These inspiring conversations have greatly informed the Board and me as we worked together on shaping the GABV’s next three-year strategy. I eagerly anticipate sharing the outcomes of this work during the 2024 Annual General Meeting, hosted by Banca Etica in Italy. This strategy will further fortify our members, expand our membership base, and enhance our efforts to transform the broader financial sector.

I want to extend my sincere gratitude to our members, supporting partners, Board and Secretariat, as well as our broader stakeholders worldwide, for your unwavering commitment to our network and movement throughout 2023. Your courageous choice to redefine banking has never been more relevant or impactful.

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