Group 2

Ugo Biggeri

Regional Representative for Europe

Ugo (Italy) is the first contact person for the European region. He has a long and strong connection with the banking on values movement and the GABV in itself. He is the Co-founder of Banca Etica and the former CEO and President (2010 to 2019). Until 2023, he has been President of Etica Sgr (2011-2023), the asset management company of Banca Etica Group, and a Board member of the GABV (2017-2023).

Ugo has always been committed to the issues of social justice and ecology, both personally and at the family level, and professionally, promoting actions and proposals for change with some Italian NGO. Lecturer in Ethical Finance and Microcredit at the University of Florence and author of books about ethical finance. He has a degree and PhD in Physics, with a specialization in Sustainable Development (Trento) and Business Management (Bocconi).