To be a democratic, ethical, and innovative provider of financial services to our members. Through strong financial performance, we serve as a catalyst for the self-reliance and economic well-being of our membership and community.

We are committed to using our $18.6 billion in assets to help improve the financial well-being of our members while at the same time helping to develop healthy communities that are socially, economically and environmentally sustainable.

Short History

Vancity was formed in 1946 by 14 people trying to increase access to financial services by creating an open credit union in Vancouver that would allow any resident of the city to join.

We didn’t specifically set out to be in the social change business. This role as a change agent came about naturally as a result of our co-operative business model. As a financial co-operative, we exist for the sole benefit of our members and their communities and, as a result, act in their best interest.

From the very start, Vancity did things a little differently. Vancity was the first financial institution to offer mortgages on properties in Vancouver’s working-class East End, and later the first in Canada to offer mortgages to women without a male co-signor. Vancity earned a reputation for providing credit to those who had difficulty getting it anywhere else. A commitment to investing in a strong local economy, a sustainable environment and vibrant communities has continued to embody Vancity’s values-based banking model.

Vancity has grown to become Canada’s largest community credit union, serving the needs of its more than 509,008 member-owners, 2,539 employees and their communities through 59 branches across southwestern British Columbia.

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Market Focus, Products and Services

Banking at Vancity means conducting your financial affairs in a welcoming environment robust with a range of flexible accounts, deposit and lending products designed to help achieve your goals. Vancity believes that banking with a conscience doesn’t mean giving up product quality or value. And as a co-operative, Vancity is driven by the needs of its members.

Vancity’s membership is comprised of approximately 80% retail members and its products, and 20% community investment members and their portfolios. For the latter group, Vancity is focused on growing impact deals faster and developing unique products to meet the needs of these members.

Ultimately, Vancity maintains its commitment to the triple bottom line so it bases its prosperity on a balance of economic, social, and environmental success.

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