To be a democratic, ethical, and innovative provider of financial services to our members. Through strong financial performance, we serve as a catalyst for the self-reliance and economic well-being of our membership and community.

Find out what our mission means in practice, with our impact case study.

Short History

Since 1946, Vancity has known that members make it who it is. Vancity started by providing banking services to those in its community that weren’t served by the existing financial institutions. As a cooperative, its customers are members and are its owners. Over the next several decades, Vancity provided many firsts to its members including the first to write mortgages east of Main Street in Vancouver – at the time a working class community that wasn’t considered a desirable place to lend, and the first financial institution in Canada to underwrite mortgages to women without a male co-signer. This strong community support has made the Vancity brand very attractive – one that has attracted a lot of members, the majority of which would easily be bankable by traditional financial institutions, but are attracted to Vancity because of its role in the community and the quality of its service.

With this support over the last six-and-a-half decades, Vancity has grown to become Canada’s largest Credit Union, with almost 60 locations across British Columbia serving over 414,000 members.

But at Vancity, these members aren’t just the people we serve. These members are the people at the helm. They guide us, as a co-op, on our journey. And they do this in any number of ways – specifically by electing members to sit on our Board of Directors or by becoming Directors themselves.

Management Board

  • Tamara Vrooman, President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Jan O’Brien, Board Chair

Market Focus, Products and Services

Banking at Vancity means conducting your financial affairs in a welcoming environment robust with a range of flexible accounts, deposit and lending products designed to help achieve your goals. Vancity believes that banking with a conscience doesn’t mean giving up product quality or value. And as a cooperative, Vancity is driven by the needs of its members.

Vancity’s membership is comprised of approximately 80% retail members and its products, and 20% community investment members and their portfolios. For the latter group, Vancity is focused on growing impact deals faster and developing unique products to meet the needs of these members.

Ultimately, Vancity maintains its commitment to the triple bottom line so it bases its prosperity on a balance of economic, social, and environmental success.

Client Case Study

Impact Case Study


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