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The Team

T +31(0)30 694 3062     E

Postal Address: Global Alliance for Banking on Values,  Nieuweroordweg 1, P.O. Box 55,  3700 AB Zeist,  The Netherlands

GABV Secretariat

Dr Marcos Eguiguren
Executive Director
(GABV Staff)
T +31(0)30 694 3062
Marcos (Spain/The Netherlands) is an Economist and PhD in Business Administration. An entrepreneur that has started companies in different industries including financial services, technology and professional services. He brings a wealth of experience including banking, consulting, management and research. Marcos is known for his ability to lead the strategic delivery of profitable, sustainable, values-based business models. As Executive Director of the GABV Marcos is building the values-based banking movement and growing our work with members, partners, experts and policy makers to influence the banking system so that it is more transparent, ethical, robust and real-economy focused. Marcos is also a professor of Business Administration at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.

Dr. Adriana Kocornik-Mina
Research and Scorecard Coordinator

Adriana (Mexico/United States) brings to the GABV extensive experience in development and sustainability research. As guest researcher at the Environmental Sciences Group – Wageningen University & Research in The Netherlands, Adriana studies the effects of community participation on sustainable water management. She was with the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at the London School of Economics and Political Science as a researcher in the Adaptation and Development team. Previously she worked on electricity transmission at the US Department of Energy and was a Research Fellow at the Center for Entrepreneurship and Public Policy at George Mason University. Adriana has taught research methods, and governance and policy processes as well as comparative social policy to graduate students at Georgetown University and George Mason University, respectively. Adriana holds a PhD in Public Policy from George Mason University.

Christoph Carlowitz
European Regional Representative
(Senior Adviser seconded by GLS Bank)
T +49 (0)234 5797 5209
Christoph studied economics and business administration in Chicago, Essen, Toronto and Tübingen. He has been working for several cooperative banks as a loan officer, Head of Associated Companies Division, Head of Sales & Marketing Division and Head of Controlling. He is now Company Secretary at GLS Bank in Bochum, Germany. Christoph is the first contact person for European CEOs and the network in the region. In coordination with the Executive Director, Christoph scans the region in search of advocacy opportunities, strategic alliances and prospects members.

David Korslund
Scorecard Development & Senior Adviser to the Executive Director 

M +31 (0)63 427 6907
David (United States/The Netherlands), has filled a number of senior and strategic roles in banking and financial services since 1976, starting at Shore Bank in Chicago and with more than 25 years at ABN AMRO in the US and The Netherlands. Within the GABV Secretariat his responsibilities include delivering results from the Metrics CofP, the GABV Scorecard, and also advises the Executive Director especially on member expansion and research matters.

Federica Masut
Metrics and Research Support
T +31 (0) 644 132876

Federica Masut (Italy) holds a B.Sc. in Mathematics from the University of Trieste and a M.Sc. in Economics from the University of Trento. During her studies in economics, Federica did an internship at the trade department of the Permanent Mission of Italy to the International Organizations in Geneva and was a participant in daily meetings at the WTO and the UNCTAD. She wrote her graduate thesis on barriers to trade in services. She joined the GABV to combine her academic interest in services (especially financial) with her personal concern for sustainability.

Jasmin Panjeta
Marketing & Communications Coordinator
T +31 (0)30 694 7929
Jasmin (Bosnia and Herzegovina) is a marketing and communications professional with more than 10 years of experience in relationship building, media relations, communications, channel management, branding, event co-ordination, and non-profit marketing. As a member of the GABV Secretariat Jasmin’s goal is to build the GABV’s profile, develop engagement initiatives and deliver projects defined by the GABV Board in support of a mission to grow the values-based banking movement. Jasmin develops and implements marketing and communications initiatives revolving around products and services across earned, paid, owned and social media. Jasmin also coordinates the GABV’s Marketing and Communications CofP.


Dr Katrin Käufer
Leadership Academy and Human Development Senior Adviser

Katrin (Germany) is research director (& founding member) at the Presencing Institute, and Fellow at the Community Innovators Lab (CoLab) at MIT’s Department of Urban Studies and Planning. Her current work includes a research focuses on social transformation and non-hierarchical coordination. She earned her MBA and Ph.D. from Witten/Herdecke University, Germany. Katrin coordinates the Human Capital CofP, manages the Leadership Academy, and coordinates the relationship between the GABV and MIT. Katrin is also responsible for the deployment of the MOOCs.

Sofia Ortega
Knowledge Management and Services to Members Coordinator
T +31 (0)30 694 7979
Sofia (Venezuelan/The Netherlands) is an international development professional, with extensive experience in advising governments, international organisations, and financial institutions on the development and implementation of financial inclusion, education, and economic empowerment policies. As Knowledge Management and Services to Members Coordinator Sofia is in charge of the design and implementation of GABV’s knowledge management strategy and will ensure vibrant relationships between the GABV Secretariat and its members: banking and partner institutions.

paulamartin_bw1Paula Martin
North American Regional Representative
(Senior Adviser seconded by Vancity)
T +1 604 877 7641
Paula (Canada), a former journalist and communications, marketing and engagement executive, serves as Advisor to the CEO at Vancouver-based Vancity Credit Union. Paula is the first contact person for North American CEOs and the network in the region. In coordination with the Executive Director, Paula scans the region in search of advocacy opportunities, strategic alliances and prospects members. Paula is also helping with content design for the Annual Meeting.

Rafael Llosa
Latin American Regional Representative
Skype: rafollosa
Rafael (Peru) is a financial professional residing in Lima. Before joining GABV, Rafael was the CEO and Director of Banco GNB Peru and previously also served as General Manager of MIBANCO Banco de la Microempresa, He studied law and political sciences at Universidad de Lima (Peru), as well as leadership programmes focused on Microfinance and women’s banking at Harvard Business School and University of Pennsylvania. Rafael is the first contact person for the Latin American CEOs and the network in the region. In coordination with the Executive Director, Rafael scans the region in search of advocacy opportunities, strategic alliances, and prospects members.

Rebeca Pastor
Office and Project Coordinator
T +31 (0)30 694 3062
Rebeca (Spain/The Netherlands) is an Economist with a background in consulting and international cooperation. She has enjoyed working with entrepreneurs, social businesses, NGOs and public institutions for the last 20 years in countries such as Spain, Ethiopia, Bolivia, Peru and Nepal. Her leitmotiv “choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” Confucius. She believes in the power of consumers and knows that a conscious decision towards responsible consumption in every sector will change the world. She does what she preaches and dress ethically, eat local organic foods, use sustainable banking and public transport…not easy but possible.

Sonia Reinhardt
Human Development Senior Advisor

(Senior Advisor seconded by GLS Bank)
T +49 234 5797 5311

Sonia acts as Senior Advisor HR at GLS Bank, Bochum/ Germany. Sonia studied Southeast Asian Studies & Indonesian in Germany and Singapore and gained a banking diploma in Bonn, Germany. In the last years she put her focus on HR topics, receiving advanced education in the area of systemic coaching, organizational development and transactional analysis. Sonia worked in the area of providing sustainable finance for the last 10 years. Starting in Banda Aceh/ Indonesia where she worked 2,5 years with a local development bank implementing a new microfinance product for the local economy. She entered GLS Bank in 2010 working on implementing a microfinance scheme in Germany together with the Ministry of Social Affairs. In coordination with Katrin Käufer Sonia is responsible for managing the GABV Leadership Academy and the Human Development Group.

Tom Cummings
Annual Meeting Design and Senior Adviser to the Executive Director
Tom’s role focuses on engaging annually with member CEOs to get insights for developing the activities of the GABV. Tom also manages the design of the Annual Meeting and is the key facilitator during the conference. Tom provides advice to the Executive Director on topics relating to the internal development of the network.



Upendra Poudyal
Regional Representative for Asia-Pacific
T: +9779851021149
Upendra (Nepal) represents GABV for the Asia and Pacific and is the first contact person for the member CEOs in the region. He is responsible to promote values-based banking and support the growth of the GABV network in the region. His role also includes engaging and interacting with the associations and stakeholders that might be relevant for the GABV in the Region. Upendra holds a Masters in Business Administration, has 3 decades of banking experience including in Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Limited, mostly Corporate Banking, for 14 years. He led NMB Bank Limited (NMB), the only member of GABV in Nepal, for 17 years as its Chief Executive Officer before he retired in March 2017.


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