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Bank of Palestine: The first and largest national bank offering contextual support


28 December 2022

While peace, security and stability in Palestine is an ongoing struggle and development, citizens in the region are yearning for ordinary life. Essentials like clean water and electricity can be difficult for Palestinians. In light of that, Bank of Palestine strives to become contextual by providing a Green Loans programme to individuals in rural area for greater water and energy efficiency. They help introduce solar panel to sustain the operation of the Metro Market in Gaza Strip.


The bank believes the progress of social and economic development at a macro level could be achieved by education and improvement at a community and micro level. Many rural areas were however unbanked, villagers and small and medium-size enterprise (SME) businesses have little to no access to banking services and are not aware of the loans they are entitled to apply to improve life quality, expand their business and turn their community towards a sustainable model. 

The bank integrates a microfinance division which specialises in providing support to this target group. The Green Loans programme funds energy and environmentally friendly projects, such as recycling businesses, production of renewable energy, and treatment of clean water. For instance, the bank helped install a rooftop solar photovoltaic system for the Metro Market in Gaza Strip. This affordable, uninterrupted and green energy allows the market to maintain its daily business. Alongside of the loan, workshops and technical support are provided in the rural areas, to explain the benefits of energy and water efficiency to villagers.

The bank stemmed from the motto “doing good”. As simple as it sounds, Bank of Palestine is committed to provide an array of products, services, and partnerships which most cater Palestinian’s needs, thus leading ambitious individuals to new opportunities.

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