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Friends of GABV

Who is Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV)?

The Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV), founded in 2009, is a network of banking leaders from around the world committed to advancing positive change in the banking sector. Our collective goal is to change the banking system so that it is more transparent, supports economic, social and environmental sustainability, and is composed of a diverse range of banking institutions serving the real economy.

We connect banks, banking cooperatives, and credit unions, microfinance institutions and community development banks and support their work on systemic change of financial systems. Our members focus on one shared mission – to use finance to deliver sustainable economic, social and environmental development, with a focus on helping individuals fulfill their potential and build stronger communities. We deliver our work by upholding to the Principles of Values-based Banking.

About the “Friends of GABV” Award

“Friends of GABV” Award is an honorary award presented annually to outstanding values-based leaders who have demonstrated the drive and competency to support and advance values-based banking movement through innovative and groundbreaking work in their fields of expertise. The Award celebrates the individuals who have left their mark in advancing the mission to change the world of finance to be more just, inclusive and better for people and the planet.

The Award has been established in 2019 at the important milestone in the history of the Alliance – the celebration of the 10th anniversary of its existence. The Award will continue to be awarded on an annual basis to one or more individuals.

Why did GABV establish the “Friends of GABV” Award?

In the past ten years of work, we have worked and cooperated with a great number of talented, committed and inspirational individuals who gave their support to strengthen the values-based banking movement and who helped us push the movement in the right direction.

To recognize these individuals, GABV has created a “Friends of GABV” Award. This recognition is awarded to the individuals who gave a noteworthy contribution to advancement of the Values-based Banking and who with their dedication and hard work supported activities of GABV focused at advancing positive change in the banking sector.

How are the winners chosen?

The winners of the “Friends of GABV” Awards are chosen by the GABV Board and Executive Director, with the inputs from the GABV membership. The nominees and awarded individuals will have made a significant contribution to the values-based banking movement and will have been incorporating the essence of the Principles of Values-based Banking in their work.

“Friends of GABV” Award winner for 2019

David Korslund

David has filled a number of senior and strategic roles in banking and financial services since 1976, starting at ShoreBank in Chicago and with more than 25 years at ABN AMRO in the US and The Netherlands. David’s responsibilities within GABV and values-based banking movement included supporting the GABV Metrics Experts Network, developing the GABV Value-based Banking Scorecard that provides a holistic assessment of any bank’s delivery of values-based banking. His work with the network included developing shared knowledge of metrics that demonstrate a bank’s support of social, economic and environmental impact. During the ten years of his involvement at GABV, he provided leadership in research that supported the business case for values-based banking.

“Friends of GABV” Award winner for 2020

Dr Marcos Eguiguren

Marcos is an Economist and Ph.D. in Business Administration. An entrepreneur that has started companies in different industries, including financial services, technology, and professional services. He brings a wealth of experience, including banking, consulting, management, and research. As Executive Director of the GABV, Marcos is building the values-based banking movement and growing our work with members, partners, experts, and policymakers to influence the banking system so that it is more transparent, ethical, robust, and real-economy focused. Marcos is also a professor of Business Administration at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.
Within GABV, Marcos is responsible for membership enlargement, CEO engagement, business development, management of the Secretariat, and oversees all areas of GABV work.


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