BoVDay 2020

#BankingOnValues Day


#BankingOnValues Day is a public initiative that calls on all Global Alliance for Banking on Values members, partners, customers, and interested, passionate, policymakers, regulators and public, to get involved in celebrating the growing, global, values-based banking movement.

#BankingOnValues Day campaign is about creating positive change in the world’s banking system and driving positive economic, social and environmental impact by influencing how banks and banking cooperatives serve human needs and the real economy.

Past Banking on Values campaigns focused on showing the impacts of this movement by sharing inspiring stories from GABV members. However, today’s fragmented and crowded media landscape, along with concerns of fake news and privacy issues have made society suspect of any movements, social, political or environmental. With economic uncertainty and political turmoil facing many countries, global citizens need to know they can make a difference, however small, and they can have control over their future and their community.

Recent GABV-organized member surveys tell us that values-based banking remains a hard-to-understand concept, particularly when translated. It’s often misunderstood, and, big banks are beginning to borrow umbrella terms (sustainable banking, green funds etc.) to appeal to customers that show an interest in activism.

In the spirit of grassroots campaigning and empowering the citizen, this year’s campaign will ask the public to stop, think and ask. The individual is the focus – the person who banks each day. The no-waste digital campaign will provoke people to reflect on their values, and to figure out if their banks share the same standards and ethics.

A call-to-action approach will provide resources so that the public can research banking options, and discover what issues they wish to support and are interested. The official month for #BankingOnValues is November.

#BankingOnValues Explained