Migrants everywhere deserve dignity by Shariful Hasan

By Shariful Hasan, Head of Migration Programme, BRAC

On the month of victory and International Migrants Day, we stand by our migrants working hard for a better life.

Kawsar is from Chandpur. He was determined to change his family’s financial condition. He took the decision to migrate abroad despite knowing well that the journey ahead as a labour worker was going to be hard. He learned that a chain restaurant in Saudi Arabia was hiring waiters through BRAC’s Migration Support Enterprise.

The job required good English and hospitality skills. Kawsar had work experience but lacked the language skills. He found encouragement at BRAC’s language training centre, and gathered the tools to successfully land the job. Now, Kawsar regularly sends money to his family.

Like Kawsar, every hour, 84 migrant workers leave Bangladesh to change their destinies. According to Ministry of Expatriate Welfare and Overseas Employment and Bureau of Manpower Employment and Training (BMET), around 12 million people – of which 0.75 million are women – have been working abroad as labour migrants, from 1976 to October of 2018.

These migrants send remittance of an estimated USD 15 billion every year, which constitutes about 8% of our GDP. Thanks to the labour migrants, Bangladesh now has a foreign reserve of more than USD 30 billion. However, the very people who make an immense contribution to the economic landscape of the country, do not get the respect and dignity that they deserve.

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Courtesy of BRAC.