Socially Responsible And Green Banks Vehicle For Socio-economic Development And Change

This research, which is part of a research initiative by the Presencing Institute and the MIT Green Hub (Cambridge, USA) is designed to better understand how socially responsible and green banks operate and to learn how they can have an impact on society from their work.

The research suggests five levels of socially responsible and green banking:

  • Level 1: Unfocused corporate activities. These include public relations activities that are not part of the core business.
    Level 2: Isolated business projects or business practices. Isolated events or products account for a small percentage of a bank’s business activity.
    Level 3: Systemic business practices. A focus on social and green objectives is core to the business. The products are designed to achieve social and green objectives.
    Level 4: Strategic ecosystem innovation. The engagement does not end at the boundaries of the individual organization but includes the system and environment in which the bank operates. .
    Level 5: Intentional (purpose-driven) ecosystem innovation. Banks address the core challenges of our time through generative and proactive action and innovation.

Article courtesy of MIT and Presencing Institute. Learn more.