It is not so much what we do together, but what we mean together

A Year-End Note from Dr. Marcos Eguiguren, GABV Executive Director

Another busy and successful year is behind us. This year the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV) has become stronger. More members and partners joined from all around the world and now are supporting and strengthening the #BankingonValues movement. I would remind us all that our work aims to use finance to deliver sustainable economic, social and environmental development, with a focus on helping individuals fulfill their potential and build stronger communities. And this is what the world truly needs today. We should all take pride in knowing that all of us are helping shape the lives of the future generations. The work is far from being over. We still have many things to achieve and many more people to reach, but together we will succeed.

For this year-end note, I would like to reflect on a few big achievements the GABV made this year, together with all of you. One of the most important milestones we achieved was the approval of the GABV2020 Strategy during the Annual Meeting in the Netherlands. The GABV2020 Strategy will shape the next years of our work and will serve as a guideline for all our efforts. We restructured the Secretariat, making it stronger and more focused on supporting all our members and partners.

The power of education is important for our work and for that reason Human Development was one of the priorities in 2016. This year we launched the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) ‘Just’ Money: Banking as If Society Mattered with our friends and colleagues from MIT, achieving a massive success with more than 7200 participants coming from all around the world. The MOOC will continue in 2017, aiming to reach even more participants. The Leadership Academy, designed to expand the value based banking knowledge and activities among our members and partners, will also be launched next year.

The GABV worked hard on updating and creating different marketing and communications tools to support all our efforts and strengthen the movement. Our website got redesigned and now includes more information about all our work. #BankingOnValues Campaign and all other social media work helped us reach even more people helping the movement grow more on the global level.

A lot of effort was put in developing of the Scorecard, a metric tool that measures banking impact. It is almost ready and will be officially launched next year. It will surely change the way we measure the impact using the Principles of Sustainable Banking.

I will not go on enumerating amazing successful stories our members and partners shared with us in the past year. Many stories are published on our website and the highlights are also included in each eZines. It was truly a productive and successful year for all of us. I will invite you to continue doing the great work in 2017 as well and share it with all of us.

We will be growing, and becoming stronger and more visible, and for that we need all of you to join and support our efforts in building this movement. It is important to remember that together we can do many great things, but more importantly together we can be the change.

Happy Holidays and our best wishes for 2017!