Nearly 2 Million Impressions And Counting. Happy #BankingOnValues Day!

Celebrate #BankingOnValues Day this October 20. We’re so grateful for the support so far this month. Nearly two million impressions on Twitter already! Let’s keep the conversation going.

Happy #BankingOnValues Day

Thank you for adding your voice to the #BankingOnValues campaign! We’ve already generated nearly two million impressions in the last 19 days on Twitter. If you haven’t had a chance to add your voice to the campaign, will you join us today?

October 20, 2016 marks the third international #BankingOnValues Day and this year we’re also joined by a second movement, #WorldValuesDay. There’s strength in numbers!

Why A Campaign?
We want to inspire Millennials to think about where they choose to bank or invest. It can have a huge positive economic, social and environmental impact in their communities.

What is #BankingOnValues? 
#BankingOnValues is about Thinking People Before Profit, investing in the real economy, and ensuring banking serves real needs and local communities. It’s about encouraging banks to commit their people, capital and resources to create and support positive economic, social and environmental impact. Why isn’t all banking done this way?

How Can I Get Involved?

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  • Click and share: What kind of a money-mentor are you? Think #BankingOnValues and make your money matter for your #family and the community. #Thumbsup if you agree.
  • Click and share: Make your money matter. Choose a #bank that is building a better world for the #future. Share this if you agree. #BankingOnValues
  • Click and share: Does Thinking People Before Profit matter? How important is it that your child chooses a values-based bank? Take a minute to vote in our poll.

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  • Click and share: There’s power in ur pocket. Choose a bank that’s making a difference, just like u. #BankingOnValues #Changemaker
  • Click and share: #BankingOnValues provides opportunities and new lives for the less fortunate. Retweet and share this story.

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  • Click and share: #BankingOnValues is a global movement with banks, banking cooperatives and credit unions, microfinance institutions and community development banks joining us. Don’t just ask what your bank is doing for you, but what it’s doing for the world.

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