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Massive Success of Massive ‘Just’ Banking Course

Banking As If Society Mattered: First Free Online Programme on Values-based Banking

What is values-based banking? What innovations and ideas do GABV members develop and advance? What is money? How can we anchor a mission in an organisation? These are some of the questions that were explored in the first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on values-based banking, launched in April 2016.

The course is the result of a collaboration between the GABV and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA. Over 7,200 participants from 154 countries discussed lending decisions from a values-based perspective and explored questions of money, debt, asset-based development, digitalisation and values-based FinTechs.

The MOOC provided free access to a wide range of cases in the field of values-based banking as well as interviews with GABV members, academics, and thought leaders in the field. The course was translated into Spanish, German and partly into French.

GABV members used the course as an opportunity to meet in teams and some have integrated the content into their internal trainings. But the course also reached a broad audience beyond the GABV. Participants all over the world met in coaching groups and hubs, and discussed the role of values-based banking in producing social, ecological, and economic transformation.



Press Release

The free MOOC will be run again in March 2017. Any questions? Contact Lily Steponaitis,



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