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MagNet Community Bank promoted the values based banking during the Connect Conference in Belgium

Connect Conference is an international youth conference in Belgium for students who are about to finish high school. The high school graduates are facing an important transition and from there on, they get to design their life paths themselves. This moment of freedom brings up some questions: How do I shape my life within society? How do I shape society in order for it to be fair, just, sustainable and good?”

The Conference is designed to provide some answers to these questions. It aims to raise awareness of the challenges as well as the possibilities that today’s society holds for young individuals. It provides a program that creates opportunities for learning about the world, exchanging cultural diversity, taking initiative, building friendships and celebrating this transition in life.

Teaching young people about sustainable ways of interacting with money was very important for the organizers. For that reason, one of the topics at the Connect Conference 2017 was value-based banking. The idea behind was to provide the youth enough information and knowledge about how banks are working, so they can choose the best option in their own countries.

MagNet Community Bank from Hungary, as one of the GABV members, held an interactive session explaining how different values-based banks operate and cooperate worldwide. They elaborated together the why, how and where to do value-based banking in order to provide a good example of how to deal with the (apparent) dilemma of economics and the greater good.

It is never too early to learn about banking and the impact it has on our world!

Putting people before profit!

Written by: Barbara Lakatos, MagNet Community Bank


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