Impact Metrics Community of Practice

Extract from the 2014 GABV Annual Report (launched April 1, 2015)

The Global Alliance has been working for several years on developing ways to measure and report to stakeholders the results of its activities. As with its efforts in Financial Capital, this effort was driven in part by the results of its research published in 2012 that identified a need for providing standardized information. Furthermore as follow up to its Berlin Declaration, the Global Alliance seeks to take a leading role in developing a transparent approach to reporting for values-based banking.

To develop a common stakeholder reporting approach the Global Alliance has created a network of metrics experts from its members. All members participate in this network which seeks to develop reporting tools and standards. The Global Alliance Scorecard is the result of this effort. This Scorecard was beta tested in 2013 and moved to version 1.0 for 2014 reporting.

The Scorecard was developed using the practitioner knowledge of its members who are already active in reporting to their stakeholders the impact of their efforts to operate under the Principles of Sustainable Banking. These Principles focus on the delivery to individuals, enterprises and communities a triple bottom line of economic resiliency, environmental regeneration and social empowerment (Prosperity, Planet and People).

The Scorecard consists of three elements that on a combined basis provide insight to the relative focus on delivering a values-based banking business model. The key elements of the Scorecard are:

Impact Metrics

In 2016 the Global Alliance intends to begin publishing the results of members’ Scorecards on its website. Some members have already begun doing so individually as part of their annual reporting processes. In addition, the Scorecard will be used by SFRE to assess investments. The long-term goal is for the Scorecard to become an industry standard for assessing the alignment of any banking institution with a values-based strategy.