GABV’s MOOC Just Money at Triodos Bank

Since 2016, each year, a large group within Triodos joins the course Just Money as a part of Triodos Academy. Co-workers from the Business Units in different countries and from different departments and levels of seniority explore together what values-based banking means for their work in Triodos.

Co-workers who are interested to follow the course sign up individually through the online platform and follow the content at their own pace.

To complement the individual learning experience, co-workers meet for 5-7 sessions in a local Triodos hub to engage in a live conversation, clarify the concepts and deepen their understanding of Just Banking. These local hubs are initiated and organized at every Business Unit by co-workers, with the support of the Group Learning and Development department at Head Office.

The two-hour sessions usually highlight two to three clips that are watched collectively, which then lead to further discussion or exploration of the concepts with other offline work forms, designed and guided by the Hub facilitator.

The Hub Facilitators select materials from the module that are connected to the interests and questions in the local group. In the selection of the topics there is always an eye for a connection with ongoing internal conversations at Triodos. The local hubs stimulate to clarify which questions are circulating in the group. Per session these questions are deepened and further explored. Each year at the end of the series, Executive Board members, or local Managing Directors join the conversation about these questions.

This year, Triodos will try for the first time to create a “Cross Business Units session” in which all the local hubs will meet through video conference and share their most burning questions and insights from the course. This way we hope to create a fruitful dialogue between the hubs.

Here are a few reflections from previous years:

The part that I appreciated most were The Local Hub meetings: The diversity of layers and backgrounds of the people in the local Hub and the discussions about Values Based Banking that came out of the local Hub.”

“Becoming more aware of what it is to be working for a Values Based Bank, and more actively trying to incorporate our values in day to day work”

We believe that the MOOC offers us a great opportunity to create room for dialogue and reflection within Triodos. Co-workers connect with each other, with our shared mission and values. Also, they see the broader movement that Triodos is part of. Using the MOOC helps us at Triodos to understand what it is that we are trying to achieve, which is using money to create a sustainable society with human dignity at its core.

Article by Amir Carmel and Chai Locher (L&D Triodos Bank), Questions or suggestions: