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GABV Supports MIT In Launch Of World’s First #BankingOnValues Massive Open Online Course

ZEIST, THE NETHERLANDS, MARCH 31, 2016. In a bid to create a wave of change in the professional world of banking, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) will launch the world’s first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on April 19 based on the concept of #BankingOnValues. Titled Just’ Money: Banking as If Society Mattered, the five-week course has been designed with guidance, input, and living case studies sourced from the Global Alliance for Banking On Values (GABV), its members and other change making organisations.

Celebrating the course development Dr Marcos Eguiguren, Executive Director of the GABV commented: ‘I was honoured when MIT asked me to represent the world of values-based banking by becoming a Mel King Community Fellow and supporting the design of the ‘Just’ Money MOOC. I worked with an inspirational team of Fellows from across the Alliance who shared insights, case studies and access to their banks’ and banking cooperatives’ operations, strategies, customers and partners in a bid to highlight how a new generation of banks are focusing on creating positive economic, social and environmental impact. We want this course to raise awareness across the globe that this is a different type of banking, one that is profitable and positive, one that puts people and communities first, and one that serves the Real Economy. Our hope is that we inspire a new generation of bankers, regulators, and change makers to ask “Why isn’t all banking done this way?”.’

Dr Katrin Kaeufer, MOOC Instructor, Research Fellow at the MIT Community Innovators Lab (CoLab), and Research Director at the Presencing Institute, concluded ‘We’re excited about the ‘Just’ Money MOOC. There’s nothing like it. Education can be a tipping point in raising awareness and creating change, and MIT has always been a leader in this. We’d like to think that this MOOC will be a catalyst for wholescale and practical change in the banking sector. The course covers: What is ‘Just’ Money?; Where does your money sleep at night? (transparency, client-centric innovation, and examples of impact); Rethinking Money and Debt (What is money? What is debt? Asset-based development); Balancing Profitability and Intention (culture, ownership, people, governance and leadership, policies, accountability); and Banking for the Future (What is the future of banking and what kind of banking does our future need?). Interest is already building; we’ve been approached to host in-person regional hubs to support course delivery; and partners have already reached out offering free Spanish translation of all course material!’

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The Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV) is a network of banking leaders from around the world committed to advancing positive change in the banking sector. Our collective goal is to change the banking system so that it is more transparent, supports economic, social and environmental sustainability, and is composed of a diverse range of banking institutions serving the real economy. Learn more about the GABV and how we’re working with banks and banking cooperatives from across the world to build a growing, global, values-based banking movement. Latest news includes:




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Linda is also a VoiceAmerica radio show host on Building Banking on Values. The new show launches April 7 on and tells the stories of the people, passion and professionals behind the growing, global values-based banking movement.


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