The GABV is one of the international co-organizers of Global Forum NESI

The Global Alliance for Banking on Values is happy to announce that it will be one of the organizers of this year’s Global Forum NESI that is happening from the 19th to 22nd April 2017 Málaga (Spain). Global Forum NESI “New Economy and Social Innovation” is a key meeting place for people, organisations and international networks that work to co-create a more sustainable and people-centered economy.

nesiNESI Forum is called to be “the Davos of the new economy”. With the clear purpose to “change the economy to change the world”, participants will discuss and explore collaboration aimed at contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement objectives on climate change.


Who will participate?
NESI Forum is open to everyone and there will be a broad range of participants that includes businesses, investors, activists and civil society organisations, academics and policy-makers.


What are the main topics?
NESI is organised in four main tracks and the Forum will foster cross-pollination among them.
Track 1: “Rethinking Money: the future of finance”. Including topics such as “money creation”, “reshaping banking”, “reshaping finances” and “The role of philanthropy in the new economy”
Track 2: “The Organisations of the Future” with discussions about “Social Purpose”, “Conscious Consumption” and “Networking for the common good”.
Track 3: “Globalisation vs localisation” including “The Cities of the Future”, “Food sovereignty” and “Democratising energy”.
Track 4: “Learning and training for a new economy” that will deal with topics such as “Reshaping Education” and “The role of Media and social media in the new economy”


What are the expected outcomes?
The Forum will be an incubator of collaborative projects and activities. Through an innovative facilitation process, attendants will actively participate in “Dialogues for Change”, “Working Session”, “Open Spaces” and a final collaborative “Call to Action”. The expected outcomes are healthy networking among participants as well as a diverse number of projects and other activities to be developed in a collaborative way after the Forum by those interested in the different topics.


What are the advantages for the GABV members and for the clients of the banking on values network?
Global Forum NESI is a unique opportunity to engage with key global leaders of the new economy and to develop fruitful networking. Since GABV is one of the main co-organisers, both the GABV members and their stakeholders will have a special 20% discount when registering to participate. To obtain the discount please follow this link

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