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GABV Launches 2019 Annual Report

A message from Dr Marcos Eguiguren, GABV Executive Director

The Global Alliance for Banking on Values was born in 2009 with the vision of being influential to help change finance, putting it at the service of people and planet.

A group of just ten banks and a few thoughtful leaders, has today become a robust movement with a diverse range of 59 full member banks and four associate banks, serving close to 60 million clients all over the world. There are also 16 supporting partners, all with a collective goal to change the banking system so that it is more transparent, supports economic, social and environmental sustainability and serves the real economy.

The design of the Principles of Values-based Banking (2011) followed by the design of the Values-based Banking Scorecard, that measures the alignment of any bank with the principles, has advanced a common understanding of what it is to be a values-based bank and how values-based banks are different from others.

The Principles of Values-based Banking and the work of the GABV banks, have become increasingly influential in the global banking ecosystem.

Other banking associations, mainstream banks, regulators and multilateral institutions have been inspired by the work of the GABV. It is not just about our 10 years as a movement of banks but about the many decades of values-based banking behind all our members. In spite of our relatively small size, the GABV has been able to champion a budding change in the industry, through research work that has made us robust and credible enough as a movement of frontrunners.

Milestones such as the launch of the Berlin Declaration (2013), the Kathmandu Pledge (2017), and more recently, the decision of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values to co-lead the global initiative of the Partnership for a Carbon Accounting Financials (2019) and to disclose the carbon footprint of most of its member in three years’ time, have strengthened its credibility and leadership.

But the Global Alliance for Banking on Values is not only about influencing the financial industry, it is also about helping its member banks to grow healthily and create a robust family of likeminded banking leaders and experts. During the last 10 years, GABV member have increased their cooperation and exchanges on many different fronts. They have created different expert groups to exchange ideas and best practices: Human Development experts, Communication and Marketing executives, Non-Executive directors and Finance and Metrics experts, or promoting many different bilateral and group exchanges at CEO, Board or Expert level.

There have been many achievements in the last 10 years, including initiating a financial inclusion fund (Sustainability Finance Real Economies Fund – SFRE) that provides mission-aligned capital to real economy focused financial institutions, which play key roles in meeting human needs and advancing essential segments of local real economies, and setting-up the Global Alliance for Banking on Values Leadership Academy.

At the end of 2019, we find a strong Global Alliance for Banking on Values, ready to lead and become even more influential and relevant in the banking industry, and ready to keep on expanding, strengthening and supporting the impact and growth of its members.

Annual Report 2019 in English

Annual Report 2019 in Spanish


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