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GABV Launches 2018 Annual Report


30 January 2019

A message from Dr Marcos Eguiguren, GABV Executive Director

2018 was another year of important growth in the number of members and Supporting Partners. 53 GABV full member banks, one associate bank and 11 Supporting Partners now part of this movement of systemic change makers.

But, perhaps the most important growth has been in visibility, with the GABV attracting the attention of influencers, other financial institutions, regulators, the media and public opinion in general.  Press articles and invitations to speak at events worldwide have increased by 35%.

However, the increase in visibility and influence of the values-based banking movement cannot be measured in figures alone. As you know, the GABV is not only what we can do together but what we mean together. During 2018, several facts clearly demonstrated the direct and indirect role of the GABV and its banks as a role model for positive change in the banking industry. The GABV has been active in many fields: we took part in discussions at EU level to examine how to integrate sustainability considerations into the EU financial policy framework; the GABV Scorecard was adopted by Bank Negara Malaysia to support their strategy of values-based intermediation with a pilot group of Islamic Banks in the country initially; and we were involved in the initial launch for consultation by UNEP FI of the Principles for Responsible Banking for banks who are on the journey to a more sustainable paradigm.

It is also important to emphasise the increasing amount of bilateral interaction and exchange amongst our member banks. This includes the growing cooperation between banks belonging to the same Chapter as well as between banks belonging to different Chapters. In 2019, we will keep working in areas where we can better align our efforts to achieve our collective purpose. We also want to create value for individual members, particularly in those areas that could reinforce each members’ market position.

There have been many achievements this year: a great annual meeting in Arequipa (Peru), hosted by Caja Arequipa; another successful international #BankingOnValues day, designed to reach out to GABV clients; the graduation of the third cohort of the GABV Leadership Academy; and the completion of the instruction manual and the peer-to-peer validation for the GABV Scorecard.

The consolidation of the different regional Chapters and their ambition to coordinate action and increase exchanges is quite remarkable. In 2018, the GABV Board decided to meet in Africa and organised a public event after the board meeting, hosted by Centenary Bank and attracting banks from Uganda and East Africa. We are confident that with all the work done in the region, the inauguration of the African Chapter of the GABV is something we will see in the coming year.

We will keep on growing in 2019, adding more diversity to our membership and continuing our efforts to add members in Africa and the Middle East. Identifying those banks around the world that are also banking on values or who are very close to us is a must for the GABV. We still need to expand the voice and the strength of our movement if we really want to achieve our purpose and to contribute to a positive change in the world of finance.

During the week of 18 February 2019, we will be celebrating our 10th Anniversary Annual Meeting in Vancouver (Canada) hosted by Vancity Credit Union. It is not just another annual meeting because we are also organising a two-day Summit with the theme: Migrants, #MeToo and Melting Icecaps …Redefining Banking for a Radically Different Future. Here, GABVers, bankers, experts, academicians, influencers, regulators and young people will convene to discuss and co-create what banking should look like in the future and to be part of the solutions to our current challenges.

During the course of 2019, we intend to share the conclusions of the Summit with everyone interested in banking and we will discuss how to rethink the GABV strategy for the next few years based on our finding and outcomes.

Annual Report 2018 in English

Annual Report 2018 in Spanish

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