Danish investors can now look for the Swan Label

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel will for the first time be labelling Danish investment options.

Danish consumers are used to looking for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel when shopping for laundry detergent, paint or furniture. Now the time has come for the widely trusted label to be introduced onto investment options. From this day forward Danish investors will be able to seek guidance in the Nordic Swan Ecolabel when investing.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel evaluates investment options based on several different factors, such as environmental footprint, social responsibility and proper guidance in the companies and countries that are the subject of an investment by a labelled investment fund.

“The aim of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel is to reduce the overall environmental impact from production and consumption – and last year it became possible to label investment funds as there is an enormous environmental potential in motivating banks, pension funds and investment funds to do sustainable investments. Investment funds labelled by the Nordic Swan Ecolabel must meet 25 mandatory requirements that govern the various ways a fund can impact companies. This will include, among other things, inclusion or exclusion of companies as well as transparency about the fund’s investments. And we are pleased that the Danes now for the first time can look for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel when investing their money, “says Karen Dahl Jensen, Product Development Manager at Nordic Ecolabelling, which is responsible for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

Rising demands from consumers

The first four investment funds to receive the Nordic Swan Ecolabel come from the globally active impact investor Triodos Investment Management. Triodos is a leading expert in developing and managing sustainable investment funds. All four investment options can be bought through Denmark’s largest values-based bank, Merkur Cooperative Bank.

”A growing number of Danish consumers are starting to question what sort of companies their pension funds and savings are placed in. And many are finding it hard to align their personal values with the standard investment options because they have no positive impact or in the worst cases have a negative impact on society and the environment. And that is why we welcome the Nordic Swan Ecolabel into the financial world, so that people can more easily invest their funds in accordance to their beliefs,” says Lars Pehrson, CEO of Merkur Cooperative Bank.

Focus on ethics as well as returns

Triodos Investment Management actively contributes to accelerating the transition towards a more sustainable and inclusive economy, while at the same time realising competitive investment returns . The Netherlands-based asset manager therefore hopes that the Nordic Swan Ecolabel will increase the awareness among Danish investors that it is possible to make a positive impact on society, while at the same time earning a solid return.

Erik Breen Director of SRI at Triodos Investment Management: “In order to address the challenges our world faces today, such as climate change and the continuing growth in social equilaity, we need a shift in thinking and acting by investors. Fortunately, this is recognised by an increasing number of people looking to realise positive change though their investments. We are very pleased that our efforts to facilitate these investors through our SRI funds are acknowledged with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Together we can make sustainable investing more easily accesible for Danish investors.”

Last year several investment funds in Sweden were awarded the Nordic Swan Ecolabel for the first time in the Nordics and today nearly 30 billion Swedish kroner is under management in a Swan-labelled investment fund.

Facts on the Swan-labelled investment funds:

  • Triodos Sustainable Bond Fund: Investing globally in bonds issued by listed companies, semi-public institutions, and sovereigns.
  • Triodos Sustainable Equity Fund: A thematic impact fund offering investors access to a diversified portfolio of large-cap listed companies which demonstrate strict ESG standards and a strong financial outlook.
  • Triodos Sustainable Mixed Fund: Investing globally in sustainable equities that offer a combination of attractive financial results and strong social and environmental performance, and an aggregated portfolio of corporate, (sub)-sovereign and impact bonds.
  • Triodos Sustainable Pioneer Fund: Investing globally in equities of innovative small and medium-sized listed companies that specifically contribute to climate protection, healthy people and clean planet.

Facts on Triodos Investment Management: Triodos Investment Management connects a broad range of investors who want to make their money work for lasting, positive change with innovative entrepreneurs and sustainable businesses doing just that. In doing so, Triodos IM serve as a catalyst in sectors that are key in the transition to a world that is fairer, more sustainable and humane.

With Triodos IM’s highly professional investment teams, they have built up in-depth knowledge throughout their 25 years of impact investing in sectors such as Energy & Climate, Inclusive Finance, Sustainable Food & Agriculture, Arts & Culture, and Sustainable Real Estate. Besides the direct impact investments in these sectors, they also invest in listed companies with an above-average environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance. Assets under management as per end of 2017: EUR 3.5 billion.

Triodos Investment Management is a globally active impact investor and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Triodos Bank NV.

Facts on Merkur Cooperative Bank: Merkur Cooperative Bank is a customer owned values based bank that wish to promote a more sustainable future for both people and our planet using money as a tool. Merkur has 30.000 customers and branch offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Aalborg, but serves customers all over Denmark. Merkur Cooperative Bank was founded in 1982.

Facts on Nordic Swan Ecolabel: The Nordic Swan Ecolabel makes it easy to choose among the environmentally best products and services. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel looks at the entire product’s journey and the environmental problems that arise along the way – for the benefit of people, the environment and the earth’s resources. 9 out of 10 Danes know the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, which currently exists on more than 12,500 products and services in Denmark.