The Dutch Central Bank has approved the proposed appointment of Andre Haag as member of the Executive Board. The Works Council of Triodos Bank has given positive advice regarding the intended appointment.

After the appointment the EB will consist of Peter Blom (CEO and Chair), Jellie Banga (COO), Andre Haag (CFO) and Carla van der Weerdt (CRO)

Aart de Geus, Chair of the Supervisory Board: “The Supervisory Board is very pleased with the nomination of Andre Haag. He brings the knowledge, skills and affinity with our mission that we need for the role of CFO.”

CEO and Chair of the Executive Board Peter Blom: “Andre Haag has a very relevant background. He will bring valuable experience and new insights to the bank, in combination with commitment and enthusiasm. I welcome him to Triodos and as a member of the Executive Board. I look forward to our future cooperation.”

Courtesy of  Triodos Bank 

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