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2015 Annual Report Launches

A note from the Executive Director, Dr Marcos Eguiguren

Following the 2008 financial crisis, banks that put people before profit have gained recognition and are growing in strength and number. However, it is not a new concept nor a new approach. Values-based banks have been successfully operating a people and community-focused banking model for many years, proving there’s profit and positive impact in this approach to banking.

Whether called regenerative, ethical, just, green, values-based or sustainable banking; a growing number of institutions are reassessing their role in supporting the delivery of social, economic and environmental impact. The GABV calls these banking institutions sustainability-focused or values-based banks.

M Eguiguren_BNWIn 2014 values-based banks continued to show that serving the real economy delivers better financial returns than those shown by the largest banks in the world. These banks address the very real needs of enterprises and individuals within their communities for banking services, especially credit. The success of their banking approach is verified by independent research. There is also increased evidence of the support for sustainability-focused banking from regulation in developing markets such as Peru and Nigeria, and elsewhere. The data is clear, making the business case for values-based banking compelling. So why aren’t all banks adopting this model? The reasons are many, ranging from inertia and the power of the status quo to a lack of courage by banking executives and shareholders in changing course to limited awareness of the data that reports like this provide. However, there is growing recognition of the need for a change in how banks behave and operate that over time should result in the growth of values-based banks within the overall financial ecosystem.

2015 was an extremely busy year for the GABV with much progress on programmes, initiatives and also at the Secretariat level. A great Annual Meeting in Paris, hosted by Crédit Coopératif, another successful international #BankingOnValues Day, the launch of the Leadership Academy, SFRE Fund, and Governing Board Community of Practice, amongst other developments, adds to our list of collective achievements.

The Latin American Chapter also launched in La Paz, Bolivia and was hosted by BancoSol. Our regional chapters now cover Latin America, Europe, and North America. We hope that in the coming years, as our membership grows, new chapters will develop to help build values-based banking collaboration and innovation. 

Annual Report 2015We launched a five-year strategic plan (GABV2020) that will bring the Alliance into a new phase of growth. In support of this the GABV is strategically opening up to the world by engaging more external stakeholders and seeking new members and partners, while also paying increased attention to internal member services and initiatives to improve member experience.

It is incredible what the Alliance has achieved in the last seven years. We are grateful for the foundations built and are ready today to take bigger steps because of those achievements.

Thank you for your commitment, support and collaboration in 2015. Let’s keep on banking for a better world!

2015 Annual Report



Table of contents

  • A Message from Peter Blom, Chair
  • A Note from the Executive Director
  • Overview
  • Governance
  • GABV2020 Plan
  • 2016 Focus
  • Membership
  • Regional Chapters
  • Financial Capital
  • GABV Communities of Practice (CofP)
  • Advocacy and Engagement
  • Headlines and Highlights
  • GABV Secretariat
  • Financial Overview

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