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At UmweltBank we think banking and ecological responsibility together. Since 1997 we funded more than 23,500 ecological and social projects within Germany. Whether wind farm, ecological student accommodation or social housing project – UmweltBank is a specialist bank in the area of green finance.

Environmental protection is the core of our daily work. That is why we incorporated it in our statutes. At UmweltBank we do not speculate with our customer’s money. We rather guarantee that every single Euro held in savings accounts helps realizing social or ecological projects.


In 1994 Sabine and Horst P. Popp had the progressive idea to found a bank that combines both ecological and economic issues. After an intense phase of preparation UmweltBank received a full banking license in 1997. Until 2001 core competencies were built up by implementing green savings products as well as loans for wind farms, solar projects and sustainable housing.

In 2001 UmweltBank went public having its shares listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The further years were dedicated to expand financial and advisory competencies of the institution. The range of products was extended by profit participation certificates in 2003 and project profit participation certificates in 2004. In 2007 the bank introduced financial solutions for builders cooperatives followed by straightforward loans that made it easier for private clients to finance solar projects.

In 2015 Stefan Weber and Goran Bašić moved up to management henceforth striving to develop UmweltBank into a green finance platform. The year after UmweltBank placed the first green CoCo-Bond and with UmweltProjekt-Beteiligungen AG (UPG) it formed a subsidiary for managing assets. With Jürgen Koppmann moving up to management in 2017 the future of UmweltBank got shaped more precisely by soon after presenting an up-to-date brand profile and a forward-looking strategy. In 2020 UmweltBank issued its first own environmental investment fund. Furthermore, Stefan Weber left the Board of Management and the company.


UmweltBank is an independent bank operating in Germany. The financial institution is Germany’s only publicly traded “green” bank. Structured as joint-stock company it has approximately 14,000 shareholders. The majority of shares (approx. 85 %) are held by various shareholders who are mostly customers and/or employees of UmweltBank.

Board of Management:

Goran Bašić, Member of the Executive Board
Jürgen Koppmann, Member of the Executive Board

Market focus, products, services:

At UmweltBank we offer our customers a selected range of financial services. From classical savings accounts to securities and insurances, all of our services are checked for their ecological coherence. Therefore our portfolio exclusively contains green products, which meet our predetermined standards.

Flexible or fixed?  Long-term or short-term? We provide a variety of savings accounts for various purposes. All these accounts are subject to German deposit insurance.  For our customers willing to take risks we also have a selected range of clean energy stocks, environmental investment funds as well as corporate and project bonds issued by UmweltBank. Additionally, the bank offers certain insurance services from ecologically oriented insurance companies.

UmweltBank further provides diverse financing solutions. The bank only funds sustainable projects such as wind and solar farms as well as social and ecological housing.



Key figures for UmweltBank

* Figures in USD million
** Based on local currency
Total Assets4,5934,2354,1753,3753,008
Funds Under Management00000
Total Assets and Funds Under Management4,5934,2354,1753,3753,008
Total Assets and FUM Growth (One Year)**10.70%6.14%8.69%16.27%6.25%
Loans (net)2,9582,8692,8712,5042,639
Loans to Total Assets64.40%67.7%68.8%74.2%87.7%
Loan Growth (One Year)**5.25%4.58%0.72%-1.68%11.47%
Client Funding2,9762,8032,6912,2522,183
Client Funding to Total Assets64.80%66.2%64.4%66.7%72.6%
Client Funding Growth (One Year)**8.36%9.00%4.98%6.91%6.95%
Equity to Total Assets6.60%6.3%6.1%6.0%6.1%
Tier 1 Capital Ratio11.20%10.7%10.4%9.9%8.7%
Total Revenue67.267.766.472.168.9
Net Income25.529.931.235.637.8
Return on Assets0.63%0.68%0.79%1.00%1.24%
Return on Equity9.03%11.42%13.71%17.94%22.19%
Cost to Income Ratio38.00%32.5%31.0%26.0%23.2%