Opportunity International Savings and Loans Ltd

Location Ghana, Africa
Impact story


By providing financial solutions and training, we empower people living in poverty to transform their lives, their children’s futures and their communities. Our vision is a world in which all people have the opportunity to achieve a life free from poverty, with dignity and purpose.

Short history

Opportunity International Ghana was licensed by the Bank of Ghana in June 2004 and started operations as a Non-Bank financial institution in September 2004. Its founding members include Opportunity Transformation Investments (OTI), the investment arm of Opportunity International.

Opportunity International Ghana is a member of the Opportunity International Network- a global coalition of organizations dedicated to providing opportunities to people in less developed countries. The Network has forty seven (47) partners around the world.

The institution has served the people of Ghana by providing financial solutions over the past sixteen (16) years through our wide network of 36 branches, 7 Agencies, 19 ATMs and 4 mobile vans.


Opportunity international savings and loans limited has a majority shareholding by Opportunity Transformation Investments based in Chicago in the United States of America. There are five other minority shareholders with a combined ownership of 39%. As at the end of December 2019, OISL had about $48.7 million in total assets and continues to experience growth in its core areas of operation.

Executive Management

The current management structure of Opportunity International is composed of a highly dynamic and competent team that together have enormous industry experience. They are the following:

  1. Chief Executive Officer Kwame Owusu-Boateng
  2. Deputy Chief Executive Officer/CFO Samuel Afful
  3. Chief Operations Officer Kofi ObengBerkyaw
  4. Chief Business Officer Francis Owusu-Ansah
  5. Chief Risk Officer Francis Takyi
  6. Chief Internal Auditor Augustine Ayinbisah
  7. Chief Human Resources Officer Ebenezer Cofie-Baidoo


A seven member Board led by a chairperson (Katey Assem) together with the Management steers the affairs of the institution.

Market focus, products, services

The institution has focused its key activities on the marginalized, the poor and those who are excluded from mainstream banking. It operates a business model that is not only transformational, but also profitable, sustainable and very fast growing. Opportunity International provides sound financial education and support, using the individual approach to lending while promoting a savings culture by offering innovative deposit products. It assists micro, small and medium size businesses, which form the backbone of most developing economies with business advisory services, loans, and opportunities to save and help them to transform their lives.

Micro Lending Product

This is given to “economically active clients” who are working and are self-employed (with focus on women)- micro entrepreneurs, for the purposes of business expansion. These are groups who do not have collateral and as such use social collateral to guarantee for each other in case of defaults.

Agricultural Micro and SME Product

Micro, small and medium scale finance for farming and Agric related businesses such as irrigation, agro – marketing and processing, Agric equipment and transportation. This is largely used to support micro small holder farmers in food crop production, poultry, livestock, vegetable and cereals production. A significant portion of the focus is the production of cocoa, which forms about 45% of Ghana’s agricultural sector.

SME Loan Product

These are loans for small and medium business owners for the purposes of increasing working capital for business expansion and financing the growth of their assets.

Deposit Products

We offer a varying range of fixed term, current, and savings products with competitive rates and charges, aimed at instilling a savings culture in our clients in a safe and secured environment.

Electronic Channels

  1. Opportunity Mobile: A mobile phone short-code that allows our clients to transfer funds from their account to other opportunity accounts and mobile wallets of relations and friends, check balances, buy air time and many other functionalities, in the comfort of their homes.
  2. Opportunity ATM: Opportunity account holders and non account holders can transact business using our proprietary ATM and E-zwich cards which are also connected to the National payment switch.
  3. Mobile Money Banking: We are in partnership with MTN to receive and send funds from MTN agents around the country for payments to identified beneficiaries in Ghana.
  4. Remittances: It includes the following: Western Union Money transfer, MoneyGram, Top Connect, Unity Link, Transfast, Smallworld, WorldRemit that enable families to receive remittances from their relations across the globe.

Benefits of being part of the GABV

  • The association with GABV will clearly show that Opportunity International Savings and Loans (OISL) is transparent, supports economic, social and environmental sustainability and the values and principles of responsible Banking.
  • OISL will have an opportunity to network with global and regional values-based banking leaders across the globe.
  • It will provide learning and development opportunities for senior management and the Board through the communities of Practice.
  • It will help OISL to develop the next generation of emerging leaders.
  • Will help OISL to exchange knowledge and expertise on critical topics and issues of good and ethical banking practices.
  • Using membership logo on our website and marketing materials will also serve as an endorsement of good banking practices