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Building communities through responsible banking, preferred by all stakeholders, enabling customers and clients achieve their financial goals thus contributing towards prosperous Nepal.


  • Helping clients and customers to achieve financial security
  • Strengthening and promoting sustainable socio economic development by working actively with local and international stakeholders
  • Being responsible for bringing about positive environmental and social impacts
  • Promoting self-reliance through financial products for real economy
  • Creating an innovative climate within the organization, utilizing the skills and potential of staff.
  • Delivering banking products and services to create delightful customer experience


Over the last two decades, NMB Bank has been successful in creating several milestones in the banking industry. Incorporated as Nepal Merchant Banking & Finance Limited in 1995, the bank had established itself as one of the most successful finance companies in the country.  Testament to its performance, Nepal Merchant Banking & Finance Limited was upgraded to a Commercial Bank in 2008 as NMB Bank Limited. It was the first time in the history of Nepali Financial Market that a ‘C’ class finance company had been upgraded to an ‘A’ class commercial bank. This was the first step in the bank’s vision to establish itself as one of the leading financial institutions in the country.

Bank of the Year award 2017 and 2018 in two consecutive years from The Financial Times London UK have firmly consolidated NMB’s position in the market as one of the leading commercial banks in Nepal.

The bank has been forward looking in terms of adapting to the changes in the financial sector both locally and internationally. Over the years NMB has aligned its business structure for the financial inclusion of the deprived sectors through alliances with international agencies. The bank has opened a representative office in Malaysia to promote bilateral trade between the two countries. NMB Bank also has plans to open representative offices in other countries to promote trade and banking transactions.

The bank created history by merging with four financial institutions in 2015. The merger with Clean Energy Development Bank, Bhrikutee Development Bank, Pathibara Bikas Bank and Prudential Finance attracted media attention because it was the first time that five financial institutions joined to become a single entity, commencing fully-fledged operations the very next day. This unprecedented strategic move gives NMB Bank balanced distribution of the network across the country. The bank’s footprint has increased to reach a wider distribution of the unbanked population; creating increased financial inclusion. The alliance with FMO is in line with the bank’s strategy to strengthen its portfolio in the energy sector, which holds immense potential for the growth of Nepal’s economy.

The bank without losing its commercial bank essence has yet embarked on a journey different than its competitions by becoming a first member of Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV) from Nepal hence sustainable banking guided by the principles of Values Based Banking remains at the core of NMB Bank. The Bank has thus explored avenues and business models to ensure that it invests in areas of interventions that have been adopted to create long term sustainable impact in the regions and communities that the Bank functions. NMB has also become a market leader in managing environmental and social risk and the leading player in renewable energy and agribusiness.

With a strategic plan in place, and strong capital base, NMB Bank aims to establish itself as one of the top five commercial banks in the Nepalese financial market within a short period of time.


FMO, Netherlands  has 17% stake in the Bank and  has its representation at the Board level . Similarly, the Bank also has major shareholding of Employee Provident Fund (EPF). EPF is Nepal Government arm to manage pension and provident funds for the employees of government of Nepal and for private sectors.

Management Board

The Board of Directors includes:

  • Mr. Pawan Kumar Golyan is the Chairman of NMB Bank Limited since 2016
  • Mr. Nico Klass Gerardus Pijl is a Director representative from FMO, Netherlands.
  • Mr. Harish Chandra Subedi is a representative of General shareholders.
  • Mr. Rajendra Kafle is a Director representative from Employees Provident Fund, Nepal.
  • Mr. Hari Babu Neupane is a representative of General shareholders.
  • Mr. Nanda Kishor Rathi is an Ex-Chairman of NMB Bank and is an alternate Director of Mr. Nico Klass Gerardus Pijl.
  • Mr. Pradeep Raj Pandey is an Independent Director of NMB Bank Ltd.

Market Focus, Products and Services

NMB Bank has been focused on providing tailor-made solutions to meet customers’ requirements, from individual savings to business financing.

The bank’s diverse portfolio of customers, ranging from corporate houses, mid-market firms to small and medium enterprises and micro finance customers, are provided with a range of financing options from working capital by way of overdraft/short term loans, to trade finance products structured to meet customers’ needs and their risk profile, either as part of a consortium or as a sole-banker.

It has been a prerogative of NMB Bank to provide financing that creates change in the lives of people in the deprived sector. The bank’s micro finance unit has entered into agreements with several Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs), national and international non – profit organizations, for ‘access to finance programs’ in rural and semi-urban regions of the country. Remittance services assist in managing the influx of funds generated by foreign employment, which is a major contributor to the economy.

Retail financing deposit and loan products have been designed to address the requirement of the bank’s retail customers who are a prime focus for NMB Bank. Besides Home and Auto Loan, products like Professional Loan, Medical Emergency Loan, DEMAT, Consumer Durable Loan, dollar/debit/credit cards and mobile and internet banking (including insurance facilities of both life and non- life), have enabled customers to benefit from the bank’s services.

The country’s immense potential in hydro power holds the key to economic growth and the bank has been consistently providing financing to large and small scale hydro projects and has launched NMB Bank Solar Karja; financing for the installation of solar power equipment in residences and offices.  NMB Bank is among a limited number of banks enlisted by Alternative Energy Promotion Center (AEPC) to support the financial needs of individuals and organizations under its Urban Solar Program.

With ‘customer delight’ at the core of its values, the bank will continue to direct its efforts and resources to constantly develop products and services that meet these needs.


Key figures for NMB Bank Limited

* Figures in USD million
** Based on local currency
Total Assets945856695396302
Funds Under Management00000
Total Assets and Funds Under Management945856695396302
Total Assets and FUM Growth (One Year)**20.84%16.36%80.50%36.83%20.24%
Loans (net)666603494261204
Loans to Total Assets70.5%70.4%71.1%66.0%67.7%
Loan Growth (One Year)**20.96%15.34%94.30%33.33%24.11%
Client Funding761722604352270
Client Funding to Total Assets80.5%84.3%86.8%88.8%89.7%
Client Funding Growth (One Year)**15.41%13.03%76.41%35.57%22.09%
Equity to Total Assets15.7%12.3%9.3%8.0%9.3%
Tier 1 Capital Ratio14.8%12.5%9.3%8.8%9.9%
Total Revenue38.734.724.913.29.9
Net Income17.114.310.55.04.3
Return on Assets1.96%1.97%1.49%1.21%1.36%
Return on Equity13.54%17.11%27.78%25.05%20.50%
Cost to Income Ratio36.9%37.5%36.0%37.0%38.0%