Mibanco Colombia

Location Colombia
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Our Mission

We are an inclusive, sustainable, profitable, environmentally and socially responsible Financial Institution committed and focused on microfinance products and services, through committed, efficient, competent and innovative staff, in order to generate opportunities for the progress, development and improvement of the life quality of Colombian microentrepreneurs and their families.

Vision in permanent construction

Bancompartir (now Mibanco Colombia) will be the best Microfinance Financial Institution in Colombia and will become a model institution for other microfinance institutions in the world, standing out for our social responsibility and for our innovation capacity.


A social bank

The bank was born in 1985, giving a solidarity response to the reconstruction of hundreds of Colombian families who lost everything in the Armero´s tragedy, due to the eruption of the Nevado del Ruiz volcano.

Bancompartir emerges as a nonprofit organization, then as a financial company and since February 2015 as a bank. Its social vocation and undeniable service, always has been part of the essence of the company.

The stories of progress of so many Colombians who inspire us to innovate with true solutions so they can improve their quality of life.

Family businesses, farmers, small businesses and independent workers are the ones who inspire the bank every day, to whom they owe and for whom they carry out a work with great vocation.

More than 350.000 clients, 95 offices nationwide, 220 banking correspondents, 26 departments, 600 attended municipalities all with the firm purpose of offering, innovative solutions adjusted to microentrepreneurs reality.

As a bank with a strong social vocation, which has maintained throughout history, the promotion and generation of employment, progress and well-being for thousands of Colombian families.


Bancompartir is a private bank with a board of directors confirmed by 10 principal members and supplies who represents the shareholders.

The shareholders jointly established business objectives and strategies with the senior management. The Board entrusts the administration with the daily management of the bank.

Market strategy, products and services

Putting less trust in the papers and more trust in people’s word.

For more than 30 years Bancompartir has shared stories in neighborhoods, villages and towns around the country making it easier for Colombians to access financial products (deposits / loans).

Bancompartir is a niche bank, focused on providing services for people in the lower levels of the social pyramid throughout a relational model.

Thousands of Colombians inspire the Bank to develop products and services that are inclusive, sustainable and profitable. Its vocation is to generate opportunities of progress, development and improvement of the quality of life of their target segments: Colombian micro-entrepreneurs and their families.

In Bancompartir they reinforce transparency in the protection of financial customers. In 2016, they were the first bank in Colombia to be certified for a second year in a row in Smart Campaign customer protection principles, a recognition that drives them to maintain quality in an inclusive and honest service.

Bancompartir has not only a Financial Rating but also a Social Rating. Its Financial Rating is AA for long term and VrR1 for short Term and it Social Rating is four stars.

The commitment towards the community is strengthened every day throughout different social programs like: rehabilitation, education and financial inclusion programs, generating economic and social development opportunities, keeping the balance between the bank’s portfolio of financial and non-financial products.

Bancompartir keeps its effort on being a different kind of entity: We work with people and for the people, speaking their language, believing in the importance of respect, honesty, teamwork, a vocation for microfinance, excellence and commitment, values that are part of our DNA.

Benefits of being part of the GABV

Being a member of this important global alliance motivates us to continue breaking paradigms and reaffirms us as a socially responsible entity that promotes financial inclusion throughout Colombia and to be recognized around the world. We feel supported by having the opportunity to know the experiences and the value models of other members that will allow us to continue strengthening our model to be close to Colombian families, demonstrating that banking for values is profitable and sustainable, doing good can be profitable.


Key figures for Mibanco Colombia

* Figures in USD million
** Based on local currency
Total Assets298304283254287
Funds Under Management00000
Total Assets and Funds Under Management298304283254287
Total Assets and FUM Growth (One Year, Local Currency)6.81%7.81%5.48%18.07%7.67%
Loans (net)223237229213241
Loans to Total Assets74.9%77.9%80.8%83.7%83.8%
Loan Growth (One Year, Local Currency)2.68%3.88%1.90%17.84%8.82%
Client Funding223229220193221
Client Funding to Total Assets74.9%75.2%77.9%75.8%76.9%
Client Funding Growth (One Year, Local Currency)6.27%4.08%8.45%16.42%5.78%
Equity to Total Assets16.2%15.4%13.6%13.4%13.7%
Tier 1 Capital Ratio13.0%13.1%13.4%12.8%13.9%
Total Revenue62.057.353.657.571.8
Net Income3.
Return on Assets1.12%0.71%0.95%1.49%1.79%
Return on Equity6.91%4.59%6.99%11.11%13.05%
Cost to Income Ratio68.7%70.4%71.9%72.2%64.4%