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The Crédit Coopératif Group aims to finance  ‘social economy’ organisations – non-profit associations, mutual and cooperative companies – by providing a range of general banking services as well as customised products according to the customers’ needs.

As a cooperative bank, Crédit Coopératif’s capital is held by its customers, which take part in the bank’s activity and strategy.


The origins of Crédit Coopératif go back to the late 19th century – Crédit Coopératif celebrated its 120-year anniversary in 2013 – when a group of co-operators decided to set up their own bank. Since then, it has regularly developed its activities, customer base and network while remaining true to its vocation as a cooperative for legal entities that’s accessible to individual clients. It is a banker for the Social Economy: co-operatives, mutual organisations, small businesses, trade associations and work committees, public interest organisations and socially-responsible companies in social housing, healthcare, care and services for vulnerable people, environment, culture, education and research, microfinance institutions, among others. It is also a pioneer of solidarity-based finance.

The Crédit Coopératif Group has developed through external acquisitions between 1994 and 1998. In 2003, Crédit Coopératif joined the banking group ‘Groupe Banque Populaire’, with an agreement that guarantees its management independence, its identity and its brand. This agreement has been transferred to ‘BPCE’ (the merged group of Groupe Banque Populaire and Groupe Caisse d’Epargne): Within the terms of the French ‘Monetary and Financial Code’, BPCE is Crédit Coopératif’s central body. As such, it ensures its liquidity and solvency, and Crédit Coopératif also shares its rating.

Management Board

  • Jean-Louis Bancel, President
  • Benoît Catel, Chief Executive Officer

Market Focus, Products and Services

Crédit Coopératif provides general banking services to its customers through a network of 72 branches and one online branch. Products and services include: accounts, methods of payment, cash-flow management, processing of international transactions, insurance, savings and investments. Wherever possible, its products include a socially responsible version. These socially responsible products aim to facilitate access to credit and finance to private individuals, SMEs and social economy organisations: non-profit organisations, mutual and cooperative companies. Crédit Coopératif provides transparent information about the way money is collected and used within the bank.


Key figures for Crédit Coopératif

* Figures in USD million
** Based on local currency
Total Assets23,67422,08118,39917,37818,806
Funds Under Management8,16210,9338,5897,8278,124
Total Assets and Funds Under Management31,83633,01426,98725,20526,930
Total Assets and FUM Growth (One Year)**0.92%7.47%10.96%4.20%-3.22%
Loans (net)20,02519,11614,90114,42514,344
Loans to Total Assets84.6%86.6%81.0%83.0%76.3%
Loan Growth (One Year)**9.63%12.70%7.06%11.95%-9.86%
Client Funding14,18014,09411,33311,14511,406
Client Funding to Total Assets59.9%63.8%61.6%64.1%60.7%
Client Funding Growth (One Year)**5.29%9.26%5.38%8.78%-2.29%
Equity to Total Assets7.8%8.8%8.6%8.8%8.5%
Tier 1 Capital Ratio12.0%12.8%12.1%10.7%9.8%
Total Revenue466.4484.9469.2450.8549.8
Net Income44.360.544.443.573.8
Return on Assets0.18%0.29%0.23%0.25%0.36%
Return on Equity2.31%3.32%2.68%2.83%4.17%
Cost to Income Ratio80.8%74.9%77.9%77.4%72.8%