Caja Arequipa

Location Peru
Key figures Impact story


To improve the quality of life of Peruvian entrepreneurs by offering fast and flexible financial services


Caja Arequipa was created on 15 July 1985, as a non-for profit organisation, backed by Municipal Resolution Nº 1529 and decree-law Nº 23039. It holds a functioning licence issued by the Superintendencia de Banca y Seguros del Peru Nº 042-86 on 23 January 1986, which authorises Caja Arequipa to operate in Arequipa as well as in the whole of Peru´s territory. The bank’s single shareholder since inception has been the Municipality of Arequipa.

On 10 March 1986, Caja Arequipa started functioning as a financial intermediation company, focused on offering financial services to people without access to the traditional banking sector. This has supported the growth, development and employment generation for Arequipa´s community, as well as in other geographical locations where Caja Arequipa operates.

Corporate Purpose

To leverage customers’  deposits to finance, preferably, micro and small enterprises and offer all services indicated in Supreme Decree-Law 157-90-EF and Law 26702 (General Law for the Financial and Insurance Systems, and for the Superintendencia de Banca y Seguros).


  • Shareholder: Provincial Municipality of Arequipa
  • Participation: 100%
  • Location: Arequipa – Peru

The Provincial Municipality of Arequipa is the bank’s single shareholder, owning 100% of the shares.

Management (Executive Committee)

Caja Arequipa is a highly regarded banking institution, with a solid proprietary back-up and the commitment of its professional Executive team, grounded on ethical and moral values, and focused on results and client satisfaction. This could only be achieved with highly motivated co-workers and within an organisational culture characterised by ‘improving permanently’.

The headquarters of Caja Arequipa is located in the historical city of Arequipa and functions with a pooled management of three equally responsible executives, who legally represent Caja Arequipa. These executives make agreements at the Management Committee and are responsible for the administration and financial functioning of the organisation. The three roles are approved by FEPCMAC (local associations of Peruvian Cajas) and the Superintendencia de Banca y Seguros.

The current Executive team is composed of:

  • Sr. Wilber Dongo Díaz, Vice President, Business
  • Sra. Susana Susana Rosario Goicochea Velasco, Vice President, Administration and Operations
  • Sr. Ramiro Postigo Castro, Vice President, Finance and Planning

Market Focus, Products and Services

In Caja Arequipa the bank directs all efforts to help customers develop and benefit from services offered. This is certainly a challenge that keeps the bank connected to a mission and allows the bank to understand, in every day life, their purpose for existing. With such strength the bank promotes a variety of loan and savings products, always holding the micro and small entrepreneur at the centre of its business. This small and micro enterprise sector represents over 60% of  Caja Arequipa’s loan portfolio (working capital and fixed assets) and the sector is the primary player in helping the bank fulfil their sustainability mission. The bank also offers other products such as mortgages, auto and consumer loans.


Key figures for Caja Arequipa

* Figures in USD million
** Based on local currency
Total Assets1,6341,5641,4041,3121,223
Funds Under Management00000
Total Assets and Funds Under Management1,6341,5641,4041,3121,223
Total Assets and FUM Growth (One Year)**8.61%9.37%5.17%22.31%5.03%
Loans (net)1,2861,2061,050881876
Loans to Total Assets78.8%77.1%74.7%67.2%71.6%
Loan Growth (One Year)**10.89%12.88%17.02%14.68%-2.15%
Client Funding1,3241,2511,1231,0091,005
Client Funding to Total Assets81.1%80.0%79.9%76.9%82.2%
Client Funding Growth (One Year)**10.05%9.46%9.33%14.43%4.49%
Equity to Total Assets12.7%12.2%12.1%11.2%12.1%
Tier 1 Capital Ratio10.9%11.1%11.3%11.1%11.3%
Total Revenue249.7219.9190.3179.8193.0
Net Income38.832.930.928.924.7
Return on Assets2.41%2.19%2.32%2.26%1.96%
Return on Equity19.54%18.25%19.32%19.96%16.71%
Cost to Income Ratio57.2%59.9%61.4%56.9%56.0%