Banco Mundo Mujer

Location Colombia
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We contribute to the economic development of the working communities of the country, fostering savings and generating easy and timely access to credit and complementary financial services, through a personalized methodology, which generates growth and development of the human talent of the organization, profitability for shareholders and the entity, guaranteeing its solidity and permanence over time.

Historical review

In Popayán, capital of Cauca state, Colombia, and with the philosophy of the Women’s World Banking, Mundo Mujer institution was born in 1985 as a Non-profit Organization, NPO, oriented to the ethical and responsible financial inclusion of the working communities of strata 1, 2 and 3 (the lower ones in Colombia).

After 29 years as a NPO and thinking about the needs and growth of its clients, since February 2, 2015, Mundo Mujer became the Community Bank.

Maintaining its essence and mission to contribute to the economic and social development of the lower income communities, Mundo Mujer is now going deeper into the financial system and positioning itself as the number 1 microfinance private bank in Colombia.

Mundo Mujer the Community Bank is growing hand by hand with its clients, offering microcredit, savings and investment products to leverage its productive units, building win-win relationships, which translate into the improvement of the quality of life of the communities and in the socioeconomic development of the country.


 The corporate governance model establishes clear responsibilities for the Board of Directors and the Bank’s administration.

The Board of Directors is responsible for establishing the overall strategy and institutional policies defining how the organization should proceed. As a support for the Board to develop its tasks there are three (3) specialized committees: Government and Nomination, Risks and Audit.

The administration or Senior Management of the Bank is led by the president and consists of:

  • Three Vice Presidencies: Executive Vice Presidency, Legal Vice Presidency, and Vice Presidency of Risks.
  • 30 management positions dedicated to different strategic areas.

The Bank’s Presidency also has the support of specialized Committees such as: Executive Committee, Compliance Committee, Internal Control Committee, Service Committee and ALCO Committee.

Management team

 The members of the Bank’s management team are appointed and evaluated directly by its President, with the support of the human resources department. It is done considering their suitability, functional and personal profiles required for each of the positions.

In addition to the academic requirements and experience required for each position, Senior Management is made up of ethical people, with principles and values consistent with the Bank’s organizational culture; with human qualities highlighting leadership, teamwork and service with quality and warmth, as key axes of the organization.

Market Focus

The way of doing things in Mundo Mujer, the Bank of the Community, can be seeing in the progress and well-being of the Colombians; in the strengthening of hundreds of businesses and productive units in the countryside and the cities.  In the generation of income in the formal and informal sectors of the economy; in encouraging savings as a source of wealth and progress and in the promotion of a sustainable development.

Mundo Mujer, since its beginning, has been characterized by ethical and responsible financial inclusion; each product and service offered by the Bank is made with the intention of contributing to the economic and social development of the working communities and to offer the support the Colombian people expect to achieve their goals.

Our business strength allows us to shake hands with Colombians, grow alongside them and support their progress.

We are committed to our promise of value:

Easy: Minimum requirements to access financial products and services.

Fast: Service oriented to respond in the shortest time possible to the needs of our customers.

Personalized Service: Staff trained and available to provide permanent advice and to facilitate access to financial products and services.

Confidence: We support Colombians with our knowledge, experience and trajectory in microfinance and guarantee security and profitability in savings and investments.

Support: We belong to the Mundo Mujer Business Group, with more than 30 years of success in microfinance; We are supervised by the Colombian Financial Superintendence and we are affiliated to Fogafin (Entity of the National Government that assures the savings of the Colombians).

All Bank employees honor this promise with their daily work, making Mundo Mujer a different entity, with excellence in service, with warm and humane treatment, to become the Community’s Leading Bank.

Benefits of being part of GABV

Aware of the importance of financial institutions in the sustainable development of communities and in response to the friendly invitation of the Global Alliance for a Banking with Values, we gladly accept to join the Network that cares and works to make a sustainable financial future a reality.

Therefore, in order to contribute to the fulfillment of that objective, from our knowledge and experience, we will share the practices that have led us to be the leading microfinance institution in Colombia.


Key figures for Banco Mundo Mujer

* Figures in USD million
** Based on local currency
Total Assets598538540500420
Funds Under Management00000
Total Assets and Funds Under Management598538540500420
Total Assets and FUM Growth (One Year, Local Currency)12.25%8.35%8.36%12.70%NA
Loans (net)498459467429372
Loans to Total Assets83.20%85.4%86.5%85.8%88.4%
Loan Growth (One Year, Local Currency)9.45%6.95%9.22%9.34%NA
Client Funding331321337287201
Client Funding to Total Assets55.30%59.8%62.4%57.4%47.9%
Client Funding Growth (One Year, Local Currency)3.91%3.79%17.71%35.08%NA
Equity to Total Assets18.40%19.2%18.1%17.8%16.8%
Tier 1 Capital Ratio14.50%15.4%15.0%15.0%12.8%
Total Revenue152.2161.2143.0124.8122.2
Net Income2425.717.514.317.1
Return on Assets4.03%4.35%3.19%2.92%3.52%
Return on Equity21.88%22.71%17.58%16.39%21.00%
Cost to Income Ratio63.30%62.0%67.0%67.0%60.0%