2020 has shown our ability to respond to disruptive challenges quickly and effectively. But the long-term impact of the pandemic on our organizations, our clients and society is still emerging. Leaders need to develop transformational literacy to bridge this current reality with a future that the bank and its leaders are envisioning. That includes the ability to effectively create solutions and the aspired results. This capacity is even more crucial for GABV members who are committed to serving many marginalized clients and initiatives. This program, Leading in Times of Disruption, has been created to help leaders in values-based banks to step into their potential and to learn how to lead in moments of disruption and high complexity.

What this program will provide

Objectives of the Program

Leading in Times of Disruption is an online program with five sessions that combine individual and peer coaching sessions for the participating leaders. The program will run from March to June 2021. Key objectives of the program are:

  • Learn and practice tools and methods on how to lead in times of disruption: based on the Theory U concept developed at the MIT Sloan School of Business, participants deepen their leadership skills on “Leading from an Emerging Future.”
  • Create a safe and credible space in which GABV member institutions can, together, deepen their understanding of the systemic forces that underpin the coronavirus disruption.
  • Prototype solutions that can enable their institution to survive the impact of the pandemic and position themselves to thrive post- crisis.
  • Enable participants to acquire and strengthen the leadership capabilities and practices needed to successfully ride the impact of the coronavirus-instigated storm and disruption.

The Approach

We seek to address the ‘blind spot’ of leadership in crisis moments:

  • by shifting the inner place from which leaders operate when confronted with huge disruption and innovating from an emerging future.
  • by experimenting with practices, processes, and ways of being in order to respond to challenges faced.

Format: Five Online Sessions & Coaching Sessions

The program combines five online modules with cross organizational group coaching and individual coaching with the facilitators in between the modules.
Please note sessions one, three and five will be intense and run over 1.5 days, while sessions two and four will run over 0.5 day. There will be an additional 2-hour session in between modules 3 and 4.
Each of the five sessions has three parts:

  1. Frameworks and concepts
  2. Practices and tools
  3. Engagement and dialogue

The program will feature guest speakers from different GABV member banks as well as international thought leaders.

Read more in our brochure

Time commitment and schedule

Each session will be held in two time zones to allow participants across the GABV network to participate:

Group EAST: UTC 10:00-17:00
Group WEST: UTC 15:00-21:30
(Meeting planer UTC)

  • Session I: March 2 + 3, 2021 (one full day, one half day)
  • Session II: April 15, 2021 (half a day)
  • Session III: May 10 + 11, 2021 (one full day, one half day)
    In between Session TBD (2 hours)
  • Session IV: June 4, 2021 (half a day)
  • Session V: June 16 + 17, 2021 (one full day, one half day)


Preparation required per module: 0.5 days

Coaching and in-between work: 1-2 hours per week

Program Language

The program language is English. With more than 8 Spanish-speaking participants we will offer the program with simultaneous translation into Spanish.


We will deliver the training via Zoom. Prerequisite for participating is access to a stable internet connection and to Zoom. In addition, a quiet location without interruptions is highly recommended.


4350 USD for member banks from the US, Europe and Australia
1450 USD for member banks from the rest of the world
4950 USD for non-member banks from the US, Europe and Australia
2450 USD for non-member banks from the rest of the world

Minimum number of participants: 26
A limited number of scholarships may be available for GABV member banks.
Please note: A possible in-person meeting in the future would be priced separately.


To apply for the program, please email: Sonia Reinhardt or register here.


Dr. Katrin Kaeufer

Martin Kalungu-Banda

Sonia Reinhardt

Registration deadline

Deadline for Registration February 5, 2021.

Registration for the 2021 Leadership Academy is now closed.