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Do you care what your money does at the bank?

This year’s edition of the Fair Finance Guide was presented today and for the fifth year in a row Ekobanken is in first place when it comes to Sweden’s banks and their sustainability rating. Third year with a result of 99 %! The survey evaluates the level of sustainability in banks investments and loans and how it affects people and the environment.

– We work hard to ensure that our bank is sustainable at all levels and that our business contributes to a different way of thinking of finance. That we are in first place in this review once again makes me proud and is fantastic to see that our way of working is sustainable in the long term, says Maria Flock Åhlander, CFO and vice president, Ekobanken.

– Ekobanken is a unique bank. What we work with is what you see, our bank is transparent. While in the bank our customers’ money works exclusively to contribute to a more sustainable society. As an additional factor, our customers now define their business in relation to the UN’s Global Goals. This means that they, and by extension their network, further increase their sustainability focus, says Annika Laurén, CEO of Ekobanken.

About Fair Finance Guide
The Fair Finance Guide was founded 2009 and is an international initiative that examines Sweden’s seven largest banks and two of the smaller banks that have chosen to prioritize sustainability in their operations. The initiative is funded with support from Sida. You can find the entire survey here.

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Maria Flock Åhlander, Vice President, CFO, Ekobanken
• Tel: 070-551 78 56, Annika Laurén, CEO, Ekobanken
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