Human Development CofP

The GABV is more than a network of values-based banks – it is also a community of learning. Where else can a values-based bank learn what it really takes to operate along the triple bottom line of people, planet and prosperity?

The Human Development group aims to support this learning, knowledge creation and exchange through two programs:

  • A learning community of Human Resource experts, and;
  • A leadership development program for high potential professionals in the network.

The success of a values-based bank depends highly on the ability of co-workers to practice the profession of banking from a values-based perspective. Knowing that people are at the core of values-based banking, the GABVs Human Development work is focused on developing the Alliance’s collective human potential.

The Human Development Community of Practice (CofP) was launched in October 2011. Senior Human Resources (HR) managers from GABV members meet regularly to engage in peer learning and discuss how HR can be advanced from a values-based perspective. In addition, the group organizes monthly check-in and coordination calls among its members.

The group also oversees the GABV Leadership Academy and other co-worker exchanges between members. Participants connect monthly in conference calls, and meet at least once a year in-person.

The Human Development CofP is supported by the Knowledge and Network Manager, GABV and is supervised by the HD Steering Committee, comprised of Human Resource Managers at member banks.

Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy is designed to help values-based bankers advance their leadership and innovation skills in order to help their respective banks address current challenges.

Launched in 2015, the Leadership Academy was originally established as an in-person program that included three modules in three different geographic locations hosted by GABV member banks and the MIT CoLab in Cambridge, USA.

In 2020, the Leadership Academy was redesigned as an online leadership development program to provide wider access to GABV members and supporting partners, and in response to the COVID-19 travel restrictions. The program consists of five interactive online modules spread out over four months, combining individual and peer group coaching sessions.

Learn about the Leadership Academy here.

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