Regional Chapters

The Global Alliance for Banking on Values is a genuinely international network. For that reason, the network has established five regions – most recently launching an African Chapter in 2020 – where Chief Executive Officers, and senior colleagues, convene to discuss topics that matter most to them. These groups are supported by a network of regional representatives, all of whom are senior bankers with extensive experience of the regions they serve. The Chapters often welcome colleagues from outside the region to discuss relevant issues. We expect to build on this cross-fertilization of ideas and people during 2021.

The African Regional Chapter was launch during the Bern 2020 Annual Meeting. Africa is a diverse continent of 53 countries, four distinct regions and many languages, and a banking sector that is dominated by large and mostly foreign and state-owned commercial banks. As such it is a challenging region for a values-based banking network like ours to build a coherent regional presence. At the same time, it is home to a significant underserved population, especially in rural areas, and a growing microfinance sector that is extending into gaps left by traditional banks.

Fabian Kasi is the Board Member and Regional Representative for the African Chapter

A decade ago, the GABV movement was conceived, founded and developed with the participation of BRAC Bank in Bangladesh, a leading sustainable bank from the Asia-Pacific region. The region’s representation of two members when it was founded in 2009, increased to 34 by 2020. Asia-Pacific is a region with great diversity of representation from Australia to Mongolia. The region renders immense diversity and complexities as it comprises of the most developed and largest economies, and the least developed nations, as well as countries facing dire difficulties due to internal conflicts and natural disasters. This diversity gives its members a unique opportunity to draw from the myriad of experiences and context to learn from each other.

Shameran Abed is the Board Member for the Asia-Pacific Chapter
Upendra Poudyal is Regional Representative for the Asia-Pacific Chapter


European banks were strongly represented at the founding of the Global Alliance for Banking on values in 2009. Five of its initial ten members were from Western Europe. Today, the network has much better regional balance thanks to significant expansion in other continents. Growth has also been strong in Europe, including banks in Central and Eastern Europe. Nevertheless, more than half of the banks are located in the European Union. At the end of 2020, there were 18 member banks in the Europe Chapter.

Ugo Biggeri is the Board Member for the European Chapter
Pierre Aeby is the Regional Representative for the European Chapter

Latin America
The Latin American chapter was officially inaugurated in 2015 with a meeting in La Paz. By the end of 2020 they were 13 banking and microfinance institutions.

Beltrán Macchi is the Board Member for the Latin American Chapter
Juan Pablo Meza is the Regional Representative for the Latin American Chapter

North America
One of the early chapters of the GABV, the North American regional group stands at 15 members from the United States of America and Canada. Since 2013, chapter CEOs and guests have met each fall hosted by a chapter member. These meetings have provided a window which affords participants the opportunity to see first-hand how values-based banking is put into practice in different operating entities around the continent, learn about regional issues, and meet local leaders.

Darrin L. Williams is the Board Member for the North American Chapter
Jean Pogge is the Regional Representative for the North American Chapter