Communities of Practice (CoP)


The Global Alliance for Banking on Values convenes Communities of Practice (CoP) to help strengthen our members and increase their positive impact.

The following communities harness the knowledge of experts and develop unique opportunities for values-based banking.

Human Development

Human developmentThe Human Development Community of Practice supports member learning and development. It is a peer network of senior Human Resources professionals uniquely focused on values-based banking.

In 2020, the group transitioned its flagship development programme, the Leadership Academy, to an online course. With 33 participants from 12 member banks and two supporting partners, representing 16 countries across all five Global Alliance for Banking on Values regions, the fifth cohort of the Leadership Academy had the highest number of participants and was the most geographically diverse group since its inception.

The pilot programme, built on five online modules, was enthusiastically received and will continue in its virtual format in 2021.

The group also conducted a survey during the year to identify CEO human development priorities. Reinvigorated by the direction and support of the CEOs, the group refined its strategy for the next three years. The group also met monthly to provide peer support and share best practices to manage the impact of Covid on co-workers. In the Fall, the group convened for a two-day virtual meeting focusing on how to lead and strengthen Human Resources in values-based banks, leadership in the digital age, and peer learning to support co-workers during and post-Covid. The group will benefit from the appointment of a part-time but dedicated coordinator for its activities in 2021.

Impact and Metrics

Impact and metricsThis community developed the GABV’s Scorecard, a tool to assess the qualitative and quantitative impact of values-based banks. Many participants also collaborated on the development of carbon accounting financials.

In 2020, the group contributed to additional steps to better account for the diversity in banking models, regional footprint, and challenges across our network. To do so successfully we have worked with MFR, a global rating agency specializing in inclusive and sustainable finance, to develop more comparable, consistent, and ambitious guidelines to classify the net positive contributions to people, planet, and prosperity of our members. This revised Scorecard will be rolled out in 2021.

Marketing & Communications

CommunicationsHow to communicate and market effectively values-based banking? Marketing & Communications professionals from our members gather to make the most out of the exchange of ideas and action.

In 2020, they discussed particularly on how to convey our message and promote change during the pandemics.