The Communities of Practice (CofP) have played and will play an important role in the life and development of the GABV. They have opened the Alliance to member banks’ subject matter experts and professionals, beyond CEOs.

Achievements from existing communities are many. They have enabled, for example:

  • The Governing Board CofP to develop powerful insights into the unique approach to governance and leadership required to make values-based banks positive, proactive and profitable agents of social, economic and environmental change.
  • The Human Development CofP to connect HR experts from each bank, build foundational relationships, and facilitate in-depth sharing and open discussion about best practice in values-based banks.
  • The Impact Metrics CofP to play a key role in developing the GABV Scorecard, which has incredible value as a measuring and differentiating tool in assessing the qualitative and quantitative impact of values-based banking.
  • The Marketing & Communications CofP to collaborate on the worlds’ first #BankingOnValues Day, an internationally coordinated initiative that is helping to build visibility and appetite for the values-based banking movement globally.
  • The Risk & Control CofP: to work together and exchange knowledge to establish a common view on how to apply risk and control functions within a values-based banking environment by focusing on those characteristics that make this environment so special and more connected to the values-based singularities.

The CofPs will evolve in a way which affords each expert group a level of independence from the Secretariat. This will build an optimal best practices exchange and provide room for each group to develop agendas that meet the needs of their banks. The GABV will coordinate, support and also help guide the communities to ensure the insights and outcomes are fed into and align with the GABV2020 strategy.